Women’s Triple Crown Coming?

As great as the Continental Classic (C2) has been, there’s one thing that has irked me: the prize. Out of the blue, Eddie Kingston decided he’d put up his ROH World & NJPW Strong Championships as prizes in the tournament. After which, Tony Khan added the yet to be revealed AEW Continental Championship, which currently sits in a black velvet bag between the other two titles during C2 matches. Together, these three titles make up what Tony Khan is calling the “Triple Crown”. And honestly, I have more questions than answers.

Is the Triple Crown defended by the champion? If so, then the NJPW Strong & ROH World titles are effectively defunct, correct? And if so, will the Champion just carry around the new Continental Championship or still lug around all three belts? Or does the Triple Crown champion defend these belts one at a time? And if that’s the case, next year does AEW collect all these titles from their various champions and make them the price of the C2 again? Also, how do you decide which belt a wrestler goes after? And doesn’t that make for 3 exactly even title belts? I guess we’ll find out in early 2024 how this all works.

As this is the AEW Women’s Division Blog, I naturally wondered about the possibility of Tony Khan booking a C2 for the women’s division, and if so, would this Triple Crown approach also be used. It may not be for a while but if I’m not wrong, the first domino seems to have fallen in place. At the most recent ROH taping after Collision, Tony Khan announced the addition of a new ROH Women’s World TV Championship. I really like this idea as women’s wrestling has been a big part of ROH and with Athena’s dominance, a secondary title will really help define and grow the depth of that women’s division.

And that’s really cool.

But it only furthered my suspicion of a women’s Continental Classic with its own Triple Crown as, what we saw the Men’s Division, there’s been a re-emphasis on ROH’s World TV Title. After Samoa Joe dropped it, ROH episodes revolved around naming a new champion which crescendoed in an awesome 6-way elimination match at Final Battle. So with the establishing of a Women’s ROH World TV Title, I’ll be looking for two more dominoes to fall:

Athena on AEW TV

If we start to see Athena more on AEW television, that will be a good sign to me. In the same way ROH gradually put less emphasis on Eddie Kingston and his World Title. It’ll free up ROH’s women’s division to go after the TV Title without Athena and her World title lording over it. Also, it’d put Athena in AEW where she really belongs.

Women’s NJPW Strong Title in AEW

I doubt we’ll get the same scenario where Athena, like Eddie Kingston, will hold this title as well and offer them both up for the C2 but rather a 2nd champion will have this title and Tony Khan, due to precedent set by the men’s C2, will collect these belts for a new Triple Crown.

This leads us up to the fun fantasy booking of who might be that NJPW Strong Champion. At current, it’s held by Giulia(!) but if the dirt sheets are to be believed, WWE has heavy interest in her and she may be receptive to going there. Alternatively as luck would have it, Giulia is facing AEW-signed blue chip prospect Megan Bayne on December 29th at Stardom Dream Queendom. I’m not predicting a Megan Bayne upset win but if it were to happen, that would be a huge statement to have Megan Bayne go over Giulia and then come over to AEW to be in the C2. But I have to admit, even if Giulia is leaving Stardom, why would Rossy have her put over an AEW talent on her way out? Maybe that’s a Bushi Road call. *shrug*

This is all pure speculation and arguably just me wish-casting but I think a women’s C2 is penciled in at some point and it seems logical that a women’s Triple Crown might also be in the works. But let me know what you think in the comments below or look me up on Twitter at @aew_one. Thanks for reading and, as always, make sure the women in your life know how much you appreciate them.

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