Willow Nightingale vs Jamie Hayter

Hey everyone! Shut the fuck up, it’s Willow Nightingale!!! And it’s Jamie Hayter! What a matchup. Both these women are incredible talents. The match opens with Willow doing a Lou Thesz Press and then both women exchange some ground and pound, picking up where they left off from Dynamite. Duelling “Let’s go Willow! Let’s go Jamie!” chants from the crowd which says a lot because Jamie Hayter is white hot right now.

Willow goes through some of her usual offence before hitting a bea-u-tiful Fisherman Suplex for two. Hayter reverses an Irish whip attempt from corner to corner which Willow cartwheels out of but meets a big boot from Hayter who then follows that up with the running knees in the corner. Jamie hits a bea-u-tiful snap suplex as we go to PIP.

Action doesn’t slow down too much during PIP and the crowd is red hot for it, especially anything Jamie Hayter does, even when she throws Willow down to the mat by the hair. Jamie Hayter takes an opportunity to “surfboard” on Willow’s back as she lay facedown on the mat. And then, for those of us watching on AEW Plus, it does actually go into commercial just as Willow is about to cartwheel out of another whip. Strange editing decision…

We come back and Hayter looks to setup Willow for the Rainmaker, Willow ducks but then Hayter makes connection with a back elbow before hitting a devastating looking Back Breaker! Willow later recovers and Pounces Hayter out of the ring which looks great enough but then Jamie’s body just liquifies as she pours out of the ring. So good. Willow pursues to the outside and rolls Hayter back in. Britt Baker gets in Willow’s face but she fakes lunging at Britt who screams and runs off. Super funny spot. But the momentary distraction allows Hayter to recover and take control upon Nightingale’s return to the ring.

Willow fights back and hits an awesome looking Death Valley Driver. She goes to the top rope but Britt holds her boot for a moment allowing Jamie to capture Willow, walk her into the middle of the ring and hit an INCREDIBLE looking hanging German Suplex! Her strength is so impressive. Hayter then hits the Rainmaker for the win.


Right now Jamie Hayter is incapable of having anything but bangers. Every match she just shows that she may well be the best overall wrestler on this roster. Willow, of course, never disappoints and I thought we got to see an extra level of intensity from her and the Britt Baker interference kept her somewhat protected, although this detail may get lost on the audience over time.

Jamie Hayter wins via pinfall

Jamie Hayter wins via pinfall
3.6 5 0 1
Match Time: 7:12
Match Time: 7:12
3.6 rating
Total Score


  • Incredible action from both women!
  • That hanging German Suplex sequence!


  • Weird editing decision from AEW
  • Predictable outcome, never bit on Hayter losing
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