Who Is Actually On AEW’s Women’s Roster?

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Trying to figure out who exactly is on AEW’s women’s division is tricky. AEW’s official roster page is likely to leave you wanting. Out-of-date stats and gimmicks aside, you’ll find AQA listed, despite having stepped away from pro wrestling, along with with women we haven’t seen in months. Also, women like Julia Hart, Kiera Hogan and Diamanté that we see every week are not listed at all.

As an NHL fan, I’m used to being able to see my favourite team’s full roster at a glance and see some important distinctions about the players on that roster. Some players are regulars in the lineup. Some players are on the bubble and are likely to be “Healthy Scratches”. Some players have “2-Way Contracts” and spend most of their time on the “farm team”. And of course, some players are injured.

I believe I’ve devised a such a glance at AEW’s Women’s Division Roster which you can have a look at using the link below or just type in aew.one/roster into your browser. And return here if you’d like a more detailed explanation of why certain wrestlers are categorized they way they are. I haven’t quite figured out yet where the link to this page is going to live so if you wanna visit it in the near future, maybe just remember the link for now. 😉

AEW Women’s Roster


A Better Depiction

We can all wager to guess that some wrestlers, even though they haven’t been given the #AllElite graphic are actually signed by Tony Khan. While we don’t know which ones they are and aren’t, a better depiction of what AEW’s Women’s Division looks like includes those wrestlers.

This is what I want to see. And so this is what I’ve made. It’s an evolving project but I wanted to create an AEW Women’s Division Roster that better reflects the personnel in use at any given time using as purely intrinsic data as possible, that being: Actual Matches, to avoid any unfair mischaracterizations of use.

Here’s an explanation of how I’ve broken the roster down:

All Elite vs Prospects

So firstly, I’ve colour-coded every wrestlers profile picture as either All Elite or Prospect.

  • All Elite: Any woman who’s on the official AEW Roster Page
  • Prospect: Any woman who’s not on the official AEW Roster Page and has won a match on any AEW TV or YouTube show within the past 60 days.

Active Roster

Under “Active Roster” there are 3 sub-categories:

These wrestlers are ones you’re likely to see most weeks on TV and in a given storyline.

  • Condition: Must have wrestled on Dynamite, Rampage or Pay-per-view in the past 30 days

These wrestlers are ones who are “on the back burner” for lack of a better term and you’re likely to see again soon on TV and in a given storyline.

  • Condition: Must have wrestled on Dynamite, Rampage or Pay-per-view in the past 31-60 days

These are wrestlers who are well out of the purview of AEW Dynamite or Rampage but still get reps on AEW Dark/Elevation.

  • Condition: For All Elite wrestlers, they must have wrestled on Dark/Elevation in the past 60 days and for Prospects, they must have won a match on Dark/Elevation in the past 60 days.

Inactive Roster

To be considered for the “Inactive Roster”, a wrestler must be officially All Elite and their last match of any kind for AEW must’ve taken place over 60 days ago.

Injured Roster

And lastly, we have the sad pandas on the injured list.

I feel breaking down the wider AEW Women’s Roster in this way provides a more accurate depiction of what AEW’s Women’s Division actually looks like. It’s something I’ll be using a lot for my own purposes. Hopefully it’s a useful resource for others.

Thanks for reading and as always, make sure you tell the women in your life how much you appreciate them!

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