Top 5 Of Sept. 2022

It’s a new month and you know what that means! It’s time for AEW.ONE’s Top 5 of September 2022. You can have a look back at the Top 5 from August (link). September had a solid top 5 but then a big drop off after that where I didn’t feel like I could even come up with a 6th if I had to. Let’s get into it…

#5: Penelope Ford (NR)



Penelope Ford made a surprising return on Dark Elevation at Quake By The Lake, an event I was present for. Penelope is one of the most underrated performers in AEW seemingly in perpetuity and having her return from injury and wrestle for the first time in 7 months on Dark Elevation would seem to further that narrative. Despite this, she consistently does great crowd work and great work in the ring. She’s recently started joining her husband Kip Sabian in mixed tag matches (a genre that I’m a bit mixed on myself if I’m being honest). Hopefully AEW can find a way to spotlight her more.

MatchesOutcomeStar Rating
Penelope Ford vs Alice CrowleyWin1.0
Penelope Ford vs Toni StormLoss2.7
Penelope Ford vs Willow NightingaleWin2.6
Penelope Ford & Kip Sabian vs Skye Blue & Shawn DeanWinN/R
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