Top 5 Of Dec. 2022

We’re not even midway through the Full Gear-to-Revolution PPV cycle but some fascinating developments have happened this month which will more than likely reveal themselves next month.

The top 5 picture was a bit clearer this month than in past months. Two wrestlers made the Top 5 for December despite wrestling two or fewer matches. You’ll have to read on and see if you agree.

Let’s see who’s the Top 5 for December 2022 were…

#5: Willow Nightingale (NR)



Willow had a strong month highlighted by a big win in a great match over Trish Adora on the Zero Hour pre-show of ROH Final Battle. If this was meant to be a tryout for Adora on the ROH brand I’d say they couldn’t have picked a better opponent. On that note, as much of a presence as Willow is in big arenas, I do wonder if Tony Khan sees her as a main staple for his ROH brand, rather than on AEW where there might not be the same opportunity. In the meantime, moving forward, it appears Willow has struck up an alliance of convenience with the somewhat skeptical Ruby Soho. Could mean some fun tag team interactions coming up in January!

Willow Nightingale vs VertvixenWin
Willow Nightingale vs Trish AdoraWin
Willow/Ruby Soho vs Wrenkowski/VertvixenWin
Willow/Ruby Soho vs TayJayLoss

Who’s #4? Read on…

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