Tony Khan Sets The Bar

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The go home Dynamite before AEW Revolution was Sting’s final Dynamite ever as a wrestler. And as wrestling fans were treated to one of the biggest nostalgia dopamine hits AEW ever could’ve delivered when Sting, for the last time, rappelled from the rafters down to the floor. I thought Tranquilo Club nailed the feeling on Twitter with a GIF from Ratatouille, where the cynical Anton Ego is transported back to his childhood after taking that first bite of ratatouille. Feeling restored indeed.

Just as a quick aside; One of the things I like about Fightful is that when something happens in wrestling that doesn’t pass my sniff test or there’s just something that piques my curiosity. Sean Ross Sapp is usually on the case seeking out that exact answer. And after Dynamite had ended, my mind couldn’t help but go back to Owen Hart. And naturally, with Martha Hart being a part of AEW with the Owen Hart Tournament, wondered how she felt about this. As it turns out, Tony Khan had called Martha beforehand to seek out her blessing on doing the stunt. Martha Hart granted it.

I’ll hear the argument that repelling from the ceiling is a Sting trademark. In fact, the whole idea for Owen Hart, as The Blue Blazer, rappelling down from the rafters was to be a dig at Sting. But when you’re talking about the sanctity of the memory of a fallen legend in Owen Hart, that does not matter. But I say all that just to point out that Tony Khan did not have to do this. And even though it may seem like common decency to you and I, professional wrestling has shown us time and time again its terrible reputation on simply being able to treat people and situations with dignity and respect. And as we’re learning in recent times, it’s worse than we ever knew. For anyone to clear the bar that wrestling as set, they only need take a step forward because the bar is in hell. So Tony Khan doing something as classy as this is something I think more people need to shine a light on and set new and better expectations for the pro wrestling industry.

On that note, with all the podcasters and aggregators on YouTube constantly taking shots at Tony Khan and finding the least flattering pictures of him for their thumbnails, I didn’t see one of these muppets make a thumbnail about this story. Maybe they hid it 12 minutes into a video as a footnote but they certainly weren’t going out of their way to let it be known. This says to me that it’s up to us as fans to demand better from wrestling and demand better from the sources who write and talk about wrestling. That’s all for now, thanks for reading and, as always, remember to let the women in your life know how much you appreciate them.

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