Toni Storm vs Skye Blue

I feel like between Toni STORM and SKYE Blue there was a cute hashtag in there… Ah well. The Outcasts continue their path of destruction, mowing through AEW “Homegrown” talent.

Toni Storm really shows a killer’s mentality, blitzing Skye Blue right after the ring bell. White meat babyface Skye Blue, who’s often one to do a lot of selling in her matches, is able to counter and get back in early. She hits a really nice running Hurricanerana off the apron. 

Toni is able to take control again with an apron Hip Attack. Saraya and Ruby Soho get some stomps in with the refs back turned. Skye ducks a chop while she’s up against the ring post causing Toni to injure her hand. It’s then Toni who ducks a strike from Skye but Skye ends up hitting Ruby Soho with a super flush elbow strike to the jaw, sending her down. Probably the best strike of the match.

The story of the match works well for the commercial break as Skye Blue’s inability to block Toni’s Snap Suplexes has her dominating but after a couple hair tosses, Skye is able to counter and come back.

Skye Blue gets something of a “visual win” in this match after hitting a Code Blue but Ruby gets on the apron to distract the ref. Skye gets up to deal with Ruby and that’s the opening Toni needs. She goes into overkill mode hitting Skye Blue with a Hip Attack then a German Suplex and then Storm Zero for the win.

Good match, great outing for Skye Blue. They’re definitely giving her the Jungle Boy build of being the bright future star who can’t quite yet win the big match.

The Outcasts attack Skye after the match which summons Willow Nightingale, Riho, and most importantly, Riho’s FUCKING PIPE! I had said about recent Taya Valkyrie matches that even though they’re squashes, they’re still a tidy piece of storytelling. This is really nice though when you can get a competitive match and also storytelling. Outcasts’ debut in Trios action is imminent against Skye Blue, Willow Nightingale, and Riho… And Riho’s pipe.

Winner: Toni Storm (8:15)

Winner: Toni Storm (8:15)
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