Toni Storm vs Skye Blue

Skye Blue, after winning the 4-way match against Britt Baker, Mercedes Martinez, and Nyla Rose, gets a World Title shot against Toni Storm and, as I had predicted, this would be one of Skye Blue’s best matches in AEW. Not just because she’s been developing so fast but my hunch is that Skye & Toni having faced each other several times on the AEW House Rules loop really helped this match along.

Skye Blue’s mother is at ringside. For some reason Saraya isn’t with The Outsiders (this is passed off as her not liking Washington, DC) so Ruby Soho is instead carrying a cardboard cutout of Saraya on a stick.

Skye Blue is shot out of a cannon to start this match, blasting Toni Storm with shots and kicks and chasing her around the ring, she even kicks Ruby Soho in the head on the outside who tries to block the kick in vain with the Saraya cutout. Having retreated on the outside, Ruby spots Skye’s mom and sees Toni’s opening to get back into this match. She spray paints Skye’s mom in the face with green spray paint, Skye chases to the outside at the Outsiders take advantage.

In a spot that I enjoyed far more than I could’ve ever dreamed had I seen it on paper, Ruby distracts the referee while Toni brings a can of green spray paint in the ring to likely temporarily blind Skye but it’s Skye whose grabbed blue spray paint and returns the favour and then kicks Toni’s can into the audience. Skye hits Code Blue but Ruby holds the ref’s attention. Skye Superkick’s Soho off the apron but turns around into Storm Zero BUT SKYE BLUE KICKS OUT! It’s short lived though as Toni puts Skye Blue into the Texas Cloverleaf and Skye taps out.

Post-match, The Outsiders Fuck Around, by beating on Skye some more, and then Find Out, when Willow Nightingale runs down to the ring. They bail, we have our first ever women’s match set for AEW Collision!

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