Toni Storm vs Riho

Well this is a nice surprise! By why on the go-home episode of Dynamite before Revolution is Riho having a match? Hmmmm… Well, let’s not look a gift-horse in the mouth!

Toni rushes Riho before she can fully get her jacket off and then just starts throwing Riho around the ring like she’s Brock Lesnar. You can do that with Riho. Poor Riho is so good and just looking crestfallen that someone would do that to her, lol. What an amazing babyface.

Good POP from the crowd on Riho bridging out of a pinning attempt, starting a “Lets go Riho” chant. I loved the spot where Riho has Toni in a crossface submission and Saraya is screaming at Riho and Riho is just kicking her leg in vain at Saraya like she’s saying “be quiet”. Funny little detail.

Saraya puts her hands on Riho on the floor and this is when Britt Baker & Saraya come out to ringside.

Riho sets up Toni for the Tiger Feint Kick but Toni catches her and then just like stomps her onto the apron. Riho dodges a Hip Attack on the apron sending Toni tumbling backwards to the outside. It’s one of those tumbles where I know if I did it I’d fuck up my neck or shoulder. These wrestlers amaze me. And then Riho with her beautiful Diving Crossbody from the top turnbuckle to the floor.

Some good back and forth action from here. Riho with a diving stomp and a Northern Lights Suplex. Toni with a vicious Hip Attack but only gets two. Britt distracts Toni which leaves an opening for Riho to roll her up into a pinning combination for the win.

Post Match

Toni decks Riho. Then Toni comes after Britt but Britt clocks her. Saraya & Hayter go at it in the ring and Riho comes down to the ring for some reason to save Saraya but in the end all 3 of them fight while security breaks it up. A very illogical, functional post-match but… I mean, that’s kind of what I’ve been saying about this storyline the whole time. Decent plot points but poor execution and illogical motivation in getting to them.

Winner: Riho (10:07)

Winner: Riho (10:07)
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