Toni Storm vs Britt Baker

A match with one of the best injury sells I’ve ever seen.

Dr. Britt Baker, DMD comes out with both Jamie Hayter & Rebel. Before the match starts there’s a sign that says “Britt Baker doesn’t floss” which POP’d me. The match starts out with each woman trading punches. The fight falls to the outside where Baker & Storm exchange hard forearms. Britt finds an opening to create some space by running Toni’s head into the ring post. I thought this could have been sold more as the story of the match but it seemed like it was more part of a larger story where Toni Storm is on the offensive, almost chasing Britt Baker but Britt keeps stopping Toni’s momentum by utilizing shortcuts.

Commentary puts over that this is a battle of the #2 (Baker) and #4 (Storm) ranked wrestlers, which I really appreciated because it makes the match feel more like a fixture of a sporting event. I like it when storylines are pulled from matches rather than every match needing to settle a score.

Hayter nullfied

Another opening is created for Britt Baker when Jamie Hayter gets her hands on Toni Storm on the outside but AEW World Champion Thunder Rosa runs down to even the odds and chases Hayter to the back.

The action slows down during picture-in-picture. Baker hits a couple suplexes on Storm then works her over in the corner. Shortly after we come back from PIP, Toni hits a Tornado DDT. Britt Baker rolls to the outside to recover but Toni follows up and hits another Tornado DDT from the ring apron onto the floor. Excellent spot!

Britt manages to escape Toni on the outside, rolls back into the ring and rushes over to Rebel to get her glove ready for the Lock Jaw. Toni Storm continues to limit Baker’s time and space as she runs in, grabs a waist lock and hit a big German Suplex. The glove, which Baker didn’t fully put on, goes flying into the air. Storm then follows this up with the Hip Attack in the corner. 

Give Britt Baker an Oscar

Now here’s the thing about the Hip Attack: I don’t know how Toni Storm doesn’t concuss someone with it. It is a brutal looking move. Britt, Toni and Referee Paul Turner all do a tremendous job at making this look like it could be a legitimate injury.

Fucking Hell!

The nuanced looks between Toni and Paul leave you trying to interpret what they’re signalling to each other. Toni goes to pull Britt up into a pile driver position but Britt just slumps forward onto her face. And just when you’re sitting there thinking “Oh no! Britt! No!” and it looks like Paul Turner has told Toni to just cover her, Britt grabs Toni and pulls her in for a small package pin which Toni kicks out at 2.99!

You got me Britt. You fucking got me.

As a fan, you’ve never been so delighted to have been fooled. This was an an all-time great sell job. No cap.

Finish her!

After hitting a Fisherman Neckbreaker, Britt uses this rare opportunity with some time to finally put her glove on. She goes for the Lock Jaw and—this was so smooth— Toni Storm slips her head out of the hold, delivers another big German Suplex, turns around and grabs Baker who’s still falling backwards and brings her in for the Storm Zero spike DDT for the win.

Toni is smooooooth.

This was a huge win for Toni Storm. She basically chased Britt Baker the entire match. Afterward, Thunder Rosa stood at the ramp as she and Storm did the ol’ stare down, which, isn’t my favourite way to tease a match but I’m fine with Thunder Rosa getting any extra time on TV. This of course sets up Thunder Rosa vs Toni Storm (or #ThunderStorm) for the AEW World Title at Forbidden Door.

Toni Storm wins via pinfall

Toni Storm wins via pinfall
3.5 5 0 1
Match Time: 7:34
Match Time: 7:34
3.5 rating
Total Score


  • Britt's sell of the Hip Attack
  • Well told "cat & mouse" story
  • Move execution


  • Essentially paused during PIP
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