Thunder Rosa vs Jamie Hayter

Jamie Hayter comes out with Rebel… and eventually Dr. Britt Baker, DMD who casually strolls down the tunnel. Thunder Rosa comes out in silver & black (very cool look) and has Toni Storm with her for backup.

Britt Baker sure is taking her sweet ass time…

Hayter attacks Thunder before the bell and starts building up heat as it’s virtually all offence for Jamie Hayter. TR comes back with a couple dropkicks, sending Jamie to the floor. Rosa would come in with a Topé Suicida but Hayter would interrupt it with a hard punch as Rosa falls to the floor. Hayter then grabs Thunder by the hair and runs her into a barricade.

Toni Storm races over to encourage Rosa. She recovers and exchanges blows with Hayter. Hayter tries to suplex TR on the floor but it’s blocked and Rosa turns it into a DDT on the floor to Jamie. TR rolls Hayter into the ring for a two-count.

Thunder Rosa goes to the top rope but Britt Baker is on the floor chirping at Rosa while also wearing her World Title over her shoulder. Hayter runs in and clubs Thunder off the top turnbuckle, sending her flipping over the top rope and to the floor. Hayter then delivers a backbreaker to Rosa onto the steel steps!

During PIP, Thunder Rosa tries to recover on the floor. Jamie brings her into the ring. She puts Rosa on the ropes and then delivers running knees to her back. Hayter then delivers Machine Gun Chops in the corner to Thunder. Snap suplex into a headlock. Rosa escapes but Hayter throws her by the hair onto the mat. We get interference from Rebel who holds TR’s neck on the middle rope as Jamie Hayter distracts ref Aubrey while Britt Baker puts Thunder Rosa’s cowboy hat on her for good measure.

Back from PIP, they’re slugging it out in the middle of the ring. Northern Lights Suplex for two from Rosa. Hayter goes to convalesce on the ropes but Thunder Rosa runs in and just dropkicks Hayter’s head off nearly off. Just a brutal, awesome spot! TR then hits a rolling senton off the apron on Jamie. Rosa hits a diving crossbody from the top turnbuckle for two.

Hayter hits a backbreaker for two. Then picks up TR for an awesome looking Sheer Drop Brainbuster! Two-count again. Britt goes to give assistance but Toni Storm runs in to stop her. It looks like Baker gets the best of Storm on the floor with a super kick but Toni comes right back with a Tornado DDT on the floor.

In the ring, Jamie is checking on Britt. Thunder Rosa sneaks in a rollup for two. Before Hayter can recover, Thunder Rosa then tries a different pinning combination. 2-count again. Then she goes for a Cazadora in which she really seems to drill Jamie Hayter’s head into the mat and this time just barely gets the win as Hayter kicks out at 3.1!

Awesome, awesome match! Love the finish! This match fucking ruled! This is a match where you feel like Jamie Hayter, despite eating the loss, comes off as a big star in the making. She rules. And of course, Thunder Rosa continues being an awesome champion.

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Thunder Rosa wins via pinfall

Thunder Rosa wins via pinfall
4 5 0 1
Match Time: 11:31
Match Time: 11:31
4.0 rating
Total Score


  • VERY hard hitting action
  • Pace is consistent even through PIP


  • Nothing
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