Taya Valkyrie vs Ava Lawless

Mirroring Jade Cargill’s match in Winnipeg, this match was also a squash that ended with Jade’s Jaded finisher (which she calls Rode To Valhalla) so there’s not much to review. It was cool to be there live for Taya Valkyrie’s AEW debut but it would’ve been cooler to watch her have a more competitive match (or Jade for that matter) but I get it: To build to their eventual match, Tony Khan wants to build Taya Valkyrie as Jade Cargill’s equal.

That being said, if you’re going to book TWO women’s squash matches across Dynamite & Rampage, how about putting a COMPETITIVE women’s matches on each card? 3 minutes of women’s wrestling across 3 hours of television just doesn’t cut it.

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