Storm vs Baker vs Hayter vs Shida

Pre-Match Analysis

There isn’t much need for a pre-match analysis when I’ve already posted my thoughts on this blog and on YouTube. If you want to hear what my thoughts were before this match happened, check out the link below!

So with my cards on the table (I predicted Toni Storm winning), let’s get into it…

Match Review

Hikaru Shida and Toni Storm enter with their pretty typical gear. Jamie Hayter meanwhile has new gear (really cool look with black, white and iridescent silver) and enters separately from Britt who goes with a neon yellow theme.

Early in the match, Shida and Britt get dumped outside. We’re teased some Toni vs Jamie action but Britt grabs Toni’s leg and drags her outside. Then we get Shida vs Hayter one-on-one in the ring but again, Britt helps Jamie out. We soon get all four women in the ring and a series of pinfall attempts with third members breaking it up.

Then Hayter gets Shida into a single leg Boston Crab. It looks like Britt might break this up but instead she goes to put Shida in a Crossface. Toni kicks Britt off and puts an Octopus Stretch on Hayter while she still has Shida in the half Boston Crab. But Britt comes in and thrust kicks Toni in the face. Everyone releases their holds.

Excellent camera work.

Britt gets the better of an exchange with Shida then again with Toni. Shida gets back up and clears out Baker. Jamie then gets up and splashes on Toni & Shida in opposite corners then suplexes them both at the same time. The crowd is really getting behind Jamie Hayter.

Toni sends Hayter to the outside and hits a Tope Suicida on her. Britt comes in with a Slingblade on the floor on Toni. Then Shida jumps off the steps to dropkick Britt. After this we get Shida and Storm in the ring one-on-one. The have a good competitive back and forth. Rebel decides for some reason she should interject and gets double headbutts from Toni and Hikaru for it.

Britt & Jamie return to the match. The dump Shida to the outside and Jamie brings her up to the top of the ramp where Britt hits the Curb Stomp on the ramp. Shida is helped to the back. This sets up a handicap match with Toni Storm drawing the short straw but just as Toni starts to look thoroughly thrashed, Shida returns down the ramp with two kendo sticks and attacks Baker & Hayter.

Some good 4-way melee leads to a moment where Shida has Hayter in position for like a Beach Break but Britt comes into small package Shida but it also leaves Hayter in a position where she’s got a high stack pin on Shida. Thankfully Toni breaks the pin otherwise I’m not sure how they call that!

Shida hits a Falcon Arrow on Jamie Hayter. Toni breaks up the pin by waist locking Shida and German Suplexing her. Britt then gets German Suplexed with a bridge from Toni but Jamie breaks the pin by grabbing Toni around the waist and picking her up for a Tombstone! She goes for a pin but Shida hits a Meteora off the middle rope on Hayter! She pins Hayter but Britt thrust kicks Shida! Britt hits a ripcord elbow, swinging neck breaker and then a Curb Stomp on Shida! Hayter & Storm are down and out. Britt pins but Shida kicks out at two! Great series.

Britt Baker brings out the glove but Toni throws her out of the ring. Hayter attacks Toni and dumps her out of the ring. Then she picks up Shida and hits the Ripcord Lariat! 1! 2! Britt Baker pulls Paul Turner out of the ring by the leg! This deep in the match we get our first instance where Britt and Jamie are at odds.

Jamie Hayter is apoplectic. She’s screaming at Britt who seems to be pleading that she didn’t know it was Hayter who had the pin… but of course she did… Toni Storm then grabs Hayter and hits her with the Storm Zero. Baker runs in and dumps Toni to the outside and pins Jamie Hayter!!! 1! 2!! Hayter kicks out!!!

It appears to wash over Britt now that that was a gamble which did not pay off. Suddenly it’s gone from a massive 2-on-1-on-1 advantage to every woman for themselves. “Jamie!” chant breaks out. Toni Storm then hits a Pendulum DDT on Britt then another on Jamie Hayter! 1-2-3!!!

Firstly, I’m so glad that Hikaru Shida didn’t take the pinfall here as sometimes in these types of matches you feel like someone was thrown in just to take the pin. That wasn’t the case as the fact it’s Jamie getting pinned makes it all the better.

This sets us up on the road to a unification match between Toni Storm & Thunder Rosa and an inevitable feud between Britt Baker & Jamie Hayter. You love to see it.

Toni Storm wins via pinfall

Toni Storm wins via pinfall
3.8 5 0 1
Match Time: 14:43
Match Time: 14:43
3.8 rating
Total Score


  • Perfectly booked finish
  • Lots of action spotlighting each woman


  • Nothing worth mentioning
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