Storm/Shida vs Sakura/Suruga

Wild, fun, thoughtful and well-executed action.

I was really looking forward to seeing Mei Suruga wrestle again in AEW. We’ll get to her in a moment though because to start the match, Toni Storm starts the match by just going into amazing Toni Storm mode. Storm moonlights as Mei Suruga attacker while beating up the legal woman, Emi Sakura, in the ring. I really enjoyed the spot where Toni hits Emi with a big boot then hits Mei with an elbow, knocking her down on the apron. Toni then Shot Gun Dropkicks Sakura and then immediately does a Hip Attack on Suruga who’s seated on the apron recovering, knocking her to the floor. What a fun, chaotic, and clever sequence that so economically puts over what a world beating dynamo Toni Storm is!

I’m *trying* not to make my reviews a play-by-play of the action but I just loved this so much but I gotta calm down as we’re only like a minute into the match!

Tea & ladyfingers

Emi & Mei get in a double “Tea Time” spot, after which Mei Suruga finally gets tagged in. Toni makes the mistake of not taking this diminutive Japanese woman seriously, patting her on the head. And in turn, Suruga bites Toni’s hand, bringing Storm to her knees. Shida hasn’t been tagged into the match yet at this point.

As the heels build up the heat, Excalibur puts over the fact that Shida is a double champion (Regina Di Wave & International Ribbon Tag Team) while Suruga drives the heel of her boot into Storm’s head on the mat. I’m really enjoying watching this small woman being so obnoxious and dirty. She’s just a magnet for giving and receiving dirty offence.

 Botch or Brilliance?

Later in this match, we get a spot where Emi & Mei have Toni & Hikaru in a double suplex position but the way the move is performed, Toni, primarily being suplexed by Sakura, hits the mat first while Suruga suplexes Shida ONTO Storm. I’m a bit uninitiated with this team but I *have* to give them the benefit of the doubt because what comes next is the craziest double team maneuver I’ve ever watched and that’s not remotely hyperbolic: The Transformer! 

Suruga then follows this up with just a wild move where she steps up off Shida and leaps onto her shoulders and then turns while falling and rolling Shida up for the pin. My description does not do this justice. What a fucking talent!

Shida blocks an eye-finger polk attempt from Suruga in a very funny spot. Emi absolutely splats herself on a missed moonsault. Toni Storm catches Suruga on a crossbody attempt and then walks her across the ring doing backbreakers with each step before sticking her between two turnbuckles. Shida suplexes Emi into the corner which sent Emi’s feet into Mei’s gut. And then Toni Hip Attacked them both. Shida hits the Katana on Suruga for the win.

Nothing to Suruga-Coat

Really fun match. Suruga is both amazing to watch wrestle and also very fun. I’m so sold on her man. I want her to be #AllElite this instant. Emi Sakura, she must be the one drawing up a lot of these multi-woman matches because whenever she’s in them they always seem to have the most creative spots so whether she’s engineering them or simply great at executing them, seeing her on a match graphic in a Tag Team or Trios match instantly makes me excited. And for Shida and Storm’s part, it’s just another day at the office. I really buy these two as a team. I adore this match and everyone in it.

Shida & Storm win via pinfall

Shida & Storm win via pinfall
3.6 5 0 1
Match Time: 7:51
Match Time: 7:51
3.6 rating
Total Score


  • Mei Suruga. Make her #AllElite. I've seen enough!
  • The Transformer!!!
  • Toni Storm gives another typical amazing performance


  • Can't complain about anything in this match
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