Storm/Athena/Willow vs Hayter/Deeb/Penelope

So first thing’s first. I was relieved to see each woman get their own entrance. This is key in presenting them as stars and equals. Saraya comes out with the babyfaces. Earlier in the night Britt Baker claimed that Saraya was not cleared to wrestle but the commentators question her sources.

Two of the underrated standouts of the women’s division, Athena and Penelope start things off. Penelope goes for a Hurricanrana but Athena handsprings out of it. Very impressive. Penelope then tries a crossbody from the top rope but Athena catches her and hits a front slam on her.

Hometown girl, Serena Deeb gets tagged in to a nice “DEEB” chant. Toni Storm comes in at the same time. These two have great chemistry, although it feels like everyone has great chemistry with both of these women. Storm really controls the match including a vicious looking Hip Attack but Deeb would turn the momentum with a simple chop block to Toni’s knee.

The heels would put the heat on Toni Storm during PIP. Jamie Hayter got a big cheer when she got tagged in. Britt Baker gets involved as Rick Knox is looking elsewhere. Deeb hits her spot where she has Storm in a leg lock while suplexing Athena for the extra crank on the knee.

Willow and Hayter get the hot tag leading to Willow hitting a big Spinebuster but Deeb breaks the pin. Willow would get put up against the ropes and, with the referee distracted, Rebel would pull a crutch out from beneath the ring and try to hit her with it but Saraya runs in and takes it away.

Back in the ring, Willow hits a pounce on Serena. Penelope comes in and rocks her with spinning heel kick. Very nice. Athena then runs in and hits like a Dominator into a Code Breaker. I don’t know what it’s called but it got a good reaction. Deeb nails Athena with a good ol’ fashioned Spear. Storm hits a Shotgun Dropkick on Deeb. Hayter comes in and hits her Backbreaker on Storm. Willow then hits a Superkick on Hayter. Ford runs at Willow, Willow tries for a Clothesline but Ford Matrixes underneath and then springs back up for a Cutter! She pins but Willow kicks out. PHEW!

Penelope then goes for a Handspring Cutter off the ropes but Willow just dropkicks her in the stomach as she’s upside-down against the ropes. Love it. Willow then picks Penelope up and hits The Babe With the Powerbomb (Doctor Bomb) and pins for the win! And Willow’s face after the match…

After the match the babyfaces celebrate in the ring but Britt Baker confronts Saraya who punches her in the face! Saraya also thrust kicks Rebel. So maybe Britt’s sources were wrong?

This was an awesome spotfest match and even though I want to (eventually) see AEW Women’s Tag Team Titles, there’s a good argument to be made for skipping over Tag and going straight to Trios… One I might make one day… In any case, even those fans most cynical about AEW’s women’s division have to admit it feels like there is a sea change happening, that there’s some momentum. That a spark has been lit. I’ve expressed my feeling on this in more detail in Saraya is #AllElite! Cool! Now What? (link) and even though the road map may feel well travelled (by WWE in 2015), it definitely feels like we’re on it and if this is what we get, I’m not about to hold it against AEW for not doing something 100% original. Let’s go!

Willow/Storm/Athena win via pinfall

Willow/Storm/Athena win via pinfall
3.8 5 0 1
Match Time: 9:29
Match Time: 9:29
3.8 rating
Total Score


  • Awesome action!
  • Excellent showcase for the women's division but especially Willow
  • Penelope continues to show out
  • They may actually need to cool off Athena for timing a strong push because she is amazing in every match
  • Hayter continues to be white hot


  • Action slowed during PIP
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