Storm/Athena vs Deeb/Baker

So the big thing we’re all looking for going into this match is whether Jamie Hayter makes an appearance. It seems more likely that it would be Britt showing up for a Hayter match given that Hayter wants nothing to do with Britt but let’s see…

Toni Storm and Serena Deeb start if off with some hard and fast mat wrestling. Deeb, as she’s want to do, turns up the aggression but Toni fires right back delivering a bunch of chops.

Athena gets tagged in, hits a springboard splash onto a laying Deeb. Athena then hits a massive Shot Gun Dropkick on Deeb into the corner, followed by a handspring elbow and then Athena then lifts up Deeb into a back breaker position but then rotates her off her shoulder and catches Deeb in the jaw with her knee. Yowza!

We go into PIP. Deeb takes control of a distraction by Britt Baker and begins working over Athena’s leg. Britt Baker still hasn’t gotten into this match. Finally Britt is tagged into this match. She goes to whip Athena into the ropes but Athena’s knee gives out. Athena is really selling the knee.

Deeb comes back in, puts Athena into a leg submission but Athena fights out and makes the tag to Storm as we come back from PIP (immaculate timing as always). Toni hits a massive Shot Gun Dropkick on Britt. She sits her down in the corner and goes for the Hip Attack but Rebel pulls Baker under the bottom rope. Toni gets out onto the apron, kicks Rebel in the chest and hits a Spinning DDT onto Britt on the floor.

Back in the ring, Baker escapes an attempt at a Pendulum DDT and then hits Storm with a Sling Blade. Tag in both corners. Athena tries for aerial move, jumping off the middle rope but Deeb catches her and puts her in a Juji Gatame but Athena is strong enough to roll Deeb into a pinning position and then lifts Deeb up above her head. Impressive strength! Serena reverses it into a sunset roll up pin attempt but Athena escapes and then hits a running Meteora on Deeb before making the pin to Toni Storm.

Storm body splashes Deeb but Deeb rolls through and turns it into a single leg Boston Crab. She’s so amazing. Athena tries to break up the submission by kicking Serena Deeb but Deeb just no sells it, yelling at Athena. So Athena keeps trying to pry Deeb off Toni but Britt comes in with a Superkick to Athena and then another to Toni Storm.

Serena goes for a pin but Athena breaks it up. Britt brings Athena to the outside and whips her into the steal steps, taking her out for the match. The finish comes when Serena pushes Toni towards the ropes where Britt is with a chair, Storm takes the chair right to the top of the head and Deeb rolls her up for the win.

Post-match, Athena returns and starts laying out the heels but with Toni out on the mat, it’s a 2-on-1 and they get the better of the heels. Then Jamie Hayter runs down, taking the chair out of Baker’s hands! But then hits Toni Storm with it. She’s still mad at Britt who we can hear saying “I said I was sorry!” but Hayter’s not having it.

Deeb/Baker win via pinfall

Deeb/Baker win via pinfall
2.8 5 0 1
Match Time: 8:34
Match Time: 8:34
2.8 rating
Total Score


  • Deeb being a bad ass not letting go of the submission
  • Britt’s Superkick on Athena


  • Athena selling the knee then not
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