Skye Blue & Willow Nightingale vs Toni Storm & Ruby Soho

The First Match in AEW Collision History

Match Preview

As we watch the inaugural episode of AEW Collision, we’re all sort of wondering what the roster makeup will be with this “soft brand split”. Up until now, the only woman who’s been advertised is Thunder Rosa. And yet she’s not on the card. So can we presume that she will figure into this match/post-match? Perhaps where Shida did the double-swerve, looking like she was going to join The Outcasts only to turn on them, maybe Thunder Rosa goes the other way and joins them? We shall see.

As for the match itself, I really enjoyed Skye Blue’s bout with Toni Storm on Dynamite. My hunch is that thanks to them facing each other on a couple House Rules events, they were able to up their game — Skye Blue especially. Let’s not forget that Willow Nightingale is the NJPW STRONG Women’s Champion and Forbidden Door is right around the corner, so it’d be really cool if someone challenges her for that pay-per-view. With that in mind, I’m predicting Willow pinning Ruby in this match.

Match Review

I don’t know why I thought AEW would do anything other than Skye Blue scoring the pinfall in her hometown but other than that, this match met and exceeded my expectations in the ring. But before we talk about that, I have to mention the beautiful matching gear of Willow & Skye. Both in blue with red & white trim. Willow Nightingale, not that should would ever, but she couldn’t hide her delight at Skye Blue’s ovation, coming out as the hometown favourite. Blue & Nightingale looked like an actual team. “Mama Blue”, Skye Blue’s mom is again at ringside.

In the same way Skye Blue was shot out of a cannon against Toni Storm on Dynamite, this whole match had a ferocious and physical pace to start. Willow absolutely bodychecks Ruby Soho into the barricade. I should correct myself in saying that how the match started because it’s only after they get into the ring that we get the ring bell.

Willow Nightingale really showed out in this match as not only her physicality was felt in her offence but Ruby & Toni looked all the more strong with how hard she bumps. Stardom is brought up by Nigel Miguiness and Kevin Kelly as the place where Toni Storm cut her teeth. Hopefully foreshadowing of things to come. When in commercial break, commentary took a breather while the “WE WANT BLUE!” chants rang out. And when we come back, Skye Blue gets a big moment as, having tapped out to the Texas Cloverleaf by Toni Storm on Dynamite, this time Blue, at the urging of the United Center, is able to crawl across the ring and get to the rope.

The match looks to be finishing up after Storm hits a BRUTAL Hip Attack on Skye but rather than going for the pin, The Outcasts want to humiliate Skye with green spray paint. Willow returns, pulls Storm’s arm, sending the spray paint over Skye Blue and into Ruby’s eyes before Willow grabs the can and throws it into the crowd with a tickled grin. She DVDs Toni and—I love this finish—as Ruby and Skye both get up, Willow sensing the opportunity points to the keeled over Soho and yells “SKYE! FINISH HER!” Skye runs in and hits a Code Blue that was as smooth as it was quick for the win!

Great match! And more importantly, no odd-woman advantage, no post-match beatdown or angle. Just two women standing victorious and celebrating. Simple disciplined booking.

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