Skye Blue vs Trish Adora

So this episode of Dark Elevation kicks off with Skye Blue! She takes on Trish Adora, a 5-year in-ring veteran who’s gaining some buzz (or, more likely, already had buzz and I’m just catching on now).

Even though this match is 2.5 minutes, these two get to showing off their speed and agility right away. They actually pack quite a bit of back and forth into this match in that time frame, I was surprise when I looked at the time and it hadn’t been 4 minutes. Adora is very slick in the ring and pretty effortlessly slips Blue into whatever this submission is below.

Skye Blue hits the Skye Fall for the win. It’s a decent finisher but doesn’t come across well on TV at some angles. Usually AEW nails it but this one felt different. Otherwise, Blue looks every bit the professional. She easily belongs on this roster as far as her talent level goes. She has great babyface appeal, I’m looking forward to see what that first angle is that AEW tries to get her over.

Skye Blue wins via pinfall

Skye Blue wins via pinfall
1.6 5 0 1
Match Time: 2:30
Match Time: 2:30
1.6 rating
Total Score


  • Blue & Adora both look credible
  • Good amount of action per minute


  • Short match
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