Shida/Storm/Willow vs Nyla/Shafir/Emi

For the heels, we get abbreviated entrances for Emi Sakura and Marina Shafir who wait at the top of the ramp for Nyla Rose (w/ Vickie Guerrero). It’s always just interesting to see these sequences. Clearly, Nyla Rose is considered the “biggest baddie of the three” (and rightly so).

Willow Nightingale comes out to “the Willow Nightingale POP”. Out next is Toni Storm who, admittedly, comes out to an even bigger pop and then Hikaru Shida comes out to another huge pop. This crowd loves these women because they’re fucking smart!

As some plugs before we get going; I have a couple more in-depth articles on Willow Nightingale in Willow Nightingale #AllElite When? and on Marina Shafir in Bet On Marina Shafir so check them out as well as you can catch up on Tony Storm as AEW.ONE’s Wrestler of the Month for June 2022.

Marina and Toni start us off, I’ve really liked their chemistry in past matches. Shafir starts to get outclassed and quickly tags in Nyla Rose. She hits Toni with a power slam to which Willow breaks the pin. Nyla tags in Emi to get the third member of the heel trio into the match. She does a brutal hair toss on Storm and then does her “spot of tea” spot. Shafir comes back in with a backdrop. Toni has yet to make a tag. Nyla comes back in. Toni dodges a couple elbow drops and then a splash attempt before finally making the tag to Willow.

Willow chops away at Nyla. Shafir interferes but Willow hits her with a pounce. Shotgun dropkick on Nyla for two. Then Finally Hikaru Shida comes into the match and goes for a Knee Strike on Nyla but Nyla catches her, carries her over to her corner and tags in Shafir who O-goshi’s Shida. Sakura gets tagged in and she starts getting the better of Shida until Shida reverses a suplex. Shafir & Nyla come into double suplex Shida but Storm & Nightingale come in and the babyface trio suplexes Nyla & Shafir. Toni Storm hits a hip attack on all three heels, Shida grabs Emi as the legal woman and hits the Falcon Arrow for the win.

A fun match that was somehow over 8-minutes, it seemed to fly by really fast. No one woman really “got all her shit in” but that’s the thing about Trios matches, with that many competitors, you can pack a lot of action in a short amount of time and not even get everything you’re used to seeing from each individual.

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Starts at 32:12

Shida/Storm/Willow win via pinfall

Shida/Storm/Willow win via pinfall
2.7 5 0 1
Match Time: 8:05
Match Time: 8:05
2.7 rating
Total Score


  • Fun action, great pace


  • Could've seen some more offence from the babyfaces
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