Serena Deeb vs Viva Van

Serena Deeb makes her entrance in Universal Studios draped in a “Deeb’s Dojo” flag. Viva Van has some really sparkly iridescent and black leathery ring gear. Viva Van, from Los Angeles, has 4 years of in-ring experience with 108 matches. She’s had 5 matches in AEW, this is the 4th one to be televised as she fought Marina Shafir at the same taping which we’ll see maybe next week.

A good Twitter follow to get good background information on a lot of these newer faces is AEW Enhancement Talent (@AEWEnhance). This Tweet is a year old (hence the discrepancy of years as a pro). Also, why not have a look at Viva’s vegan makeup brand, Hellbent Glam?

Match starts off with some standing holds which Deeb gets the better of. Viva Van comes back with some strikes, sending Deeb into the corner. Viva Van pursues Deeb in the corner but Serena traps Van in the corner with a submission then rolls her out into the ring and applies another submission in which she’s sitting on the back of Van’s neck. Viva Van eventually breaks free. Deeb feeds her a series of European uppercuts. Viva Van comes back with a high kick that Deeb ducks but then spins again, heel tripping Deeb. She hits a lariat on the seated Deeb for a 1-count.

Deeb takes control back, trips Van in the corner then catapults her under the bottom rope before pulling her out to the middle of the ring for the Deebtox for the win.

Post match, Deeb puts Viva Van in the Serenity Lock “as a message to Mercedes Martinez” Excalibur tells us.

Serena Deeb is so good it can be difficult to know when she’s in the ring with a pro or she’s just leading someone by the hand but I couldn’t detect any discernible hesitation on Viva Van’s part and everything was executed beautifully. I thought she looked very good, very professional. She got some offence in which helps evaluate. I’m looking forward to getting another look at Viva Van against Marina Shafir coming up on Dark soon.

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Video starts 14:52 in

Note: Just because I give a match a low rating doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy it for what it was nor is it necessarily a commentary on the competitors. Not all matches are meant to be 3-to-5 star matches.

Serena Deeb wins via pinfall

Serena Deeb wins via pinfall
1.8 5 0 1
Match Time: 3:55
Match Time: 3:55
1.8 rating
Total Score


  • Everything executed perfectly


  • Hard to have heat in an enhancement match
  • Hard to have heat in the Universal Studios set
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