Serena Deeb vs Sierra

So this is interesting. Serena Deeb recently faced Sierra on August 15th on Dark Elevation and we’re going back to this again already.

Match opens up with standing locks. The Professor easily gets the better of Sierra, dropping her and then stepping on her back “for the LOLz”. This is followed by some mat wrestling. They work their way back up to a standing position which Deeb uses to deliver a shoulder block. She runs off the ropes but Sierra lays out to trip Deeb and then, turnabout being fair play, steps on Serena’s back.

Evidently Serena Deeb doesn’t feel that that is fair play as she’s incensed. She goes haywire on Sierra while shouting “You wanna disrespect me?!” That’s good heel work. She honestly looks like she’s handing out a receipt.

Deeb hits a catapult on Sierra under the bottom rope. European Uppercut. She does a snap mare and neck twist on Sierra that just looks brutal. Even simple moves like that, Deeb makes them look great.

Sierra retrurns with forearm shots and a thrust kick to Deeb. She then runs in with a clothesline but Deeb ducks it and chop blocks Sierra at the knee. She then rams the knee into the mat and looks for the Serenity Lock but Sierra pushes her out of the ring but Serena stays on the apron. Here we get the Deeb spot from her last match where Sierra rushes in, Deeb does the old Bret Hart slide under the bottom rope and go for a roll-up pin but instead she uses her legs to rotate Sierra into a sitting position so she can do THIS submission:

Love it, don’t know what to call it. My main takeaways from this match are:

  1. Serena Deeb is so fucking good
  2. She’s just sitting there on your roster not doing anything

Seriously, how many women on AEW’s roster say they want to work with Serena Deeb? She looks awesome with every woman she gets put in the ring with. She looks legitimately mean and tough. I need to see her more on Dynamite.

Watch this match on YouTube

Starts at 21:41

Note: Just because I give a match a low rating doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy it for what it was nor is it necessarily a commentary on the competitors. Not all matches are meant to be 3-to-5 star matches.

Serena Deeb wins via submission

Serena Deeb wins via submission
2 5 0 1
Match Time: 4:50
Match Time: 4:50
2.0 rating
Total Score


  • Serena Deeb is elite. Put her on TV.


  • Not a lot of heat but it's Dark.
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