Serena Deeb vs Madison Rayne

This match kind of came out of no where. We haven’t seen Serena Deeb on Dynamite or Rampage since July 13th and we haven’t seen Madison Rayne since August 10th.

This is actually the match for Madison Rayne that I had cued up in my own mind as soon as she started calling herself the “Head Coach of the Women’s Division” and I figured “The Professor” would have something to say about that.

Match opens with some chain wrestling. It’s a bit of a game of “Anything you can do…” as it’s heavy on reversals and you can hear Deeb say “I’m the coach around here! I was here first! This is my company!”

At this point in the match Serena takes a dirtier and more aggressive approach towards Madison. She starts slapping Rayne in the head as she’s getting up yelling “C’mon Coach!” when Rayne quickly rolls Serena into a pin attempt.

Rayne starts to take it to Deeb and goes to setup the Pendulum DDT but Deeb reverses it, throwing Rayne face first to the mat, smashing her knee and then locking in the Serenity Lock for the win.

Kind of a sudden win. Match went just shy of 4-minutes. It wasn’t bad action for the time allotment but never really got into 2nd gear, IMO.

Serena Deeb wins via submission

Serena Deeb wins via submission
1.8 5 0 1
Match Time: 3:56
Match Time: 3:56
1.8 rating
Total Score


  • Serena Deeb is over as a big meanie


  • Short semi-competitive squash
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