Deeb/Martinez vs Tootie Lynn/Miranda Gordy

This was an interesting tag team pairing. I wouldn’t call Deeb & Martinez an “odd couple” team of opposites. They’re both nard-nosed and arguably hard-headed veterans. But the story they told in the ring wasn’t one of contention but more of a well-spirited game of one-ups-manship. Deeb starts by working over Miranda Gordy. She agreeably tags in Mercedes who then works over Tootie Lynn, including a long stalling suplex. Team cohesion begins to form for Deeb & Martinez much to the chagrin of Gordy & Lynn who act as fixtures to take increasingly brutal strikes which culminates with Mercedes locking Tootie into the Brass City Sleeper while Deeb prevents Miranda from being able to break the submission by putting her in the Serenity Lock. Both women tap.

Such a subtle array of facial expressions here.

A pretty fun story. Martinez & Deeb get their arms raised as the victors while sizing each other up. Both women seem to convey having mutual respect for each other and just when I think that maybe they’re going to team up, Mercedes raises her ROH World Championship belt while locking eyes with Serena. Maybe this is like the Blackpool Combat Club “we gotta bleed together before we fight together” type of thing? I’m down for both seeing them fight each other and together!

Hoping we get the match and then the tag team. We’ll see!

It’s hard to evaluate Tootie & Miranda as they mostly just got batted around for four minutes but all of Deeb & Martinez’s offence looked painful so mission accomplished there. Also, great looking ring gear from both ladies.

Serena Deeb & Mercedes Martinez win via submission

Serena Deeb & Mercedes Martinez win via submission
2 5 0 1
Match Time: 4:15
Match Time: 4:15
2.0 rating
Total Score


  • Fun/fascinating dynamic between Deeb & Serena


  • One-sided
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