Saraya vs Willow Nightingale

It always feels like a treat when Saraya wrestles. Still can’t believe she’s here. Willow Nightingale vs Saraya is not a match I ever thought we’d see but here we are.

This again

As you’d expect, there’s tons of cheating from Saraya’s fellow Outcasts Ruby Soho and Toni Storm and, here’s the thing: Pro wrestling is one of those genres where you need to suspend your disbelief. But not only should Willow Nightingale expect this type of treatment she’s already experienced this treatment before. So why wouldn’t she either request that Ruby and Toni are banned from ringside or bring a couple babfaces down to the ring with her to even the odds? I mean, she’s Willow Fucking Nightingale! Surely someone as likeable as her could find one wrestler to have her back?

The Match

Lots of heat-building to start the match. The Outcasts serve to cut off any potential run of momentum for Willow. It’s a slow start but by design. Willow hits a big Spine Buster when we come back from commercial break and this is where the action picks up. After a DVD (which landed Saraya more on her back for the safety of her neck), Toni and Ruby get on the apron. Ruby takes the bump of the match getting Pounced by Willow into the ropes. Toni Storm gets decked off the apron but then Saraya hits a beautiful Good Knight for the victory.

It takes some smoke and mirrors due to Saraya’s repaired neck but it was really good to watch her have this type of match and see her continue to prove that while she does have limits she can have serviceable big time matches. Really happy for her.


In the post-match we get a great double swerve from the returning Hikaru Shida which was shot excellently. All the telltale signs of a swerve were there to have her join The Outcasts so I actually bit. Like I actually had a moment of “Really? They’re making Shida a heel?” before the double swerve when Britt Baker and Jamie Hayter rose up from under the ring. The spray paint in Saraya’s eyes came off great. I’m very glad to have Hikaru Shida back!

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