Ruby Soho vs Skye Blue


Ruby Soho’s heel in-ring debut. Before the match she gives an interview with Renee Paquette claiming the fans “created this monster” because of how they sided with Britt Baker and Kris Statlander against her. The latter of those instances being a great callback as that post-match is burned into my mind.

Ruby sticks up for Toni Storm and Saraya saying the fans turned on them, calling the fans “fat neck-bearded mouth-breathing trolls”. Great line. She calls the women in AEW “entitled little shits” and then called out Skye Blue for her match.


Ruby immediately is the aggressor as Skye sells for the first 5-minutes or so. When we come back from commercial, Ruby is treating Skye to Sayito Suplexes but eventually Skye would come back with some offence but including a diving crossbody onto a standing Soho. Soho shrugs off a Code Blue attempt and a Skye Fall attempt and beats Skye Blue with Destination Unknown. Excalibur puts over Ruby pulling Skye’s hair assisting in the move.


Post-match Toni Storm & Saraya come down to spray paint the 2nd biggest babyface in the women’s division when the biggest babyface in Willow Nightingale comes down to speak sense into Ruby but Willow catches a beatdown at the Outcasts’ hands.

This match was solid enough. Ruby and Skye are both solid in the ring. But it was more important that this furthered the angle and when you combine it with the pre-match and the post-match, this was a very economical piece of business. The message and explanation of everything was unmissable.

Winner: Ruby Soho (6:47)

Winner: Ruby Soho (6:47)
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