Ruby/Athena/Shida vs Deeb/Leva/Emi

All 6 women get their own music for the entrances. This match scans as an obvious win for the babyfaces. Serena Deeb is on the opposition but I wasn’t expecting her to figure into the finish.

Ruby Soho and Deeb start the match off and they really kick it off with a fast physical technical tilt. If Cagematch is to be believed, these two have never faced each other! Not in WWE or AEW! I could really go for a singles match between these two because they open the match for nearly two minutes and at that point, I would’ve been fine with everyone else just stepping off the apron and watching these two go at it! I hope we see this soon.

Ruby tags in Shida. Deeb appears to call her own number, refusing to tag out before ultimately tagging in Emi. Emi Sakura whips Shida into the ropes and hits a Tilt O’ Whirl Back Breaker on Shida. Shida than whips Emi into the ropes and returns the favour with a Tilt O’Whirl Back Breaker of her own.

Athena gets tagged in and exchanges holds with Emi. Emi decides the wiser move is just to bit Athena’s wrist. She tags in Leva Bates. Leva is pretty thoroughly dispatched by Athena. Athena tags in Ruby. They work together to put an assisted Splash onto Leva for two.

Deeb gets in a cheap shot from the apron to assist Leva in her fight against Ruby. Again, this is making me want to see Ruby vs Deeb 1-on-1. Emi gets tagged in, targeting Ruby’s wrist that got slammed in the car door by Tay Conti. Then Deeb comes in, executing an Octopus Stretch and again, focusing on Ruby’s wrist. But Ruby is able to power out and hit a back heel trip on Deeb.

Simultaneous hot tags to Shida & Sakura. Shida hits a jumping knee to Emi then 10 shots in the corner followed by a dropkick, a suplex and a meteora off the ropes. Bates breaks the pin and then hits a nice German Suplex on Shida.
Athena run in a Shot Gun Dropkicks Leva.
Deeb runs in hits the Deebtox on Athena.
Soho runs in and hits Destination Unknown on Deeb.
Sakura runis in and hits the Angels Wings on Ruby. Whew!

Leva is tagged in as she and Emi double team Shida. Leva pins for two. Then Leva, going back to her Libriarian roots grabbing the “loaded book” (as Excalibur pits it) and goes to strike Shida but Shida blocks this with her Kendo Stick. Referee Stephon Smith disarms Leva. Shida hits a kick off the ropes and then hits The Katana on Bates for the win.

A fun, solid match more than it was great. It did whet my appetite for a Ruby Soho vs Serena Deeb singles match. I could see one soon as they can play up Ruby’s wrist right now and maybe return a while later when she’s “fully healed”. I’m interested to see what’s in store for Hikaru Shida. I’d like to see her in a big time feud outside a title picture to heat her up before being put back into fighting for the World or TBS Title. Athena, meanwhile, left me more than swooning from her match against Queen Aminata on Dark Elevation. I’m hoping that Athena vs Jade Cargill at All Out will be made official soon.

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Starts at 41:50

Shida/Ruby/Athena win via pinfall

Shida/Ruby/Athena win via pinfall
2.5 5 0 1
Match Time: 8:10
Match Time: 8:10
2.5 rating
Total Score


  • Ruby Soho vs Serena Deeb please!
  • Shida showing that fire
  • Continuing the story of Ruby's wrist


  • Not all action was smooth
  • Can't help but feel like Leva was the designated pinfall taker
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