Riho vs Jungle Kyona

It’s very cool to see Riho back! This is Stardom’s Jungle Kyona’s debut in AEW.

The match opens with each woman dodging each other’s attacks. Kyona goes for an early pin but Riho matrixes out. Jungle turns up the aggression and begins tilting the momentum her way. Riho is such a good seller. So sympathetic. She comes back with a Tiares and a Tiger Feint Kick on the ropes for two. And then a beautiful North Lights Suplex for another two count.

Jungle stops Riho from hitting a top rope attack but Riho fights her off leaving Kyona hanging onto the ropes. Riho takes the opportunity to hit a diving stomp to Jungle. Riho goes back to the top to hit another Diving Foot Stomp but Jungle dodges it. She goes for a Suplex on Riho but Riho turns it into a Guillotine. Eventually she breaks it and hits the Suplex. Great back and forth. A good battle of power and speed versus agility and speed.

Riho reverses a suplex and drops Kyona with a Meteora. She then hits Jungle flush with the Diving Foot Stomp from the top rope but only manages a 2-count! Riho backs up and hits a massive running Meteora to Jungle’s face and get the win. Riho is bleeding from the mouth.

These Joshis man, they’re something else. As someone who’s 110% all in on the “smorgasbord of wrestling” approach of AEW, I really wish we’d got to see more of these types of matches and performers in AEW. Hopefully Riho is back full time. I’d 1000% go for another title run from her. And I’d really love to see more matches for Jungle Kyona against other AEW talent.

Riho wins via pinfall

Riho wins via pinfall
3.1 5 0 1
Match Time: 5:23
Match Time: 5:23
3.1 rating
Total Score


  • Great Joshi Action!
  • Riho's an amazing babyface


  • Nothing to complain about
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