Riho vs Emi Sakura

This was a nice surprise! I wondered how I had missed this announcement but I hadn’t realized that this episode of Rampage was Live! Commentary puts over how this is a “Student vs Teacher” dynamic.

Early on Riho sends Emi to the floor with a Head Scissors and then sets up for her Cross Body Dive off the top turnbuckle but Emi just walks away laughing. “Poor Riho” I always say when she looks anything other than completely joyful and it’s like, truly, fair play to Emi for not wanting Riho to jump on her, lol. Anyway, Riho’s pursuit of Emi draws her into one of Emi’s vicious Crossbody Splash against the barricade. It looks great, it sounds LOUD, that’s a great spot. Then Emi drapes Riho over the barricade and splashes on her again. She really is the Queen of the barricade.

Mexican Surfboard in the ring and Emi keeps slamming her down and rolling right into another one. It’s a thing of fucking beauty! I’m so glad to see Emi Sakura get onto TV FINALLY! It’s like AEW just signed a new star for the women’s division! Sakura then puts Riho in a Lion Tamer while stomping on her head and then into a single leg Boston Crab. Riho gets to the rope as we return from break.

These women REALLY pick up the pace after this. They exchange pinning combinations and I really bite on a Magistral Cradle. Emi goes for a Moonsault, Riho rolls out of the way and Emi clips her head on Riho’s shoulder. I’m sure not how it was planned but a happy accident that raised the drama. Riho in the end would finish the match with like a Crucifix but then she like Tiara’d off Emi’s arm and into a pin. Amazing move.

What’s Tony Cooking?

So on the go-home episodes of Dynamite and Rampage before Revolution, Riho has two straight wins. What is she being warmed up for this close to the pay-per-view? Is it that they want her to be in Ruby Soho’s corner for the 3-way since Saraya & Jamie Hayter will have Toni Storm & Britt Baker in theirs? Maybe she’ll have a match on Zero Hour? Or maybe it’s just table setting for the Dynamite after Revolution. We’ll have to see.

Winner: Riho (9:31)

Winner: Riho (9:31)
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