Riho & Skye Blue vs Ruby Soho & Toni Storm

The Outcasts have ultimately brought more focus to AEW’s women’s division. In addition to this, the dynamics within the division feel more clear than they ever have. With that being said though, the storytelling has been repetitive to the point of parody. Every AEW fan in that arena and at home could’ve told you that Riho & Skye Blue would get some sort of “visual win” but that the Outcasts would cheat to steal the victory. Post-match beatdowns would ensue. The use of spray paint would be threatened if not issued. And Jamie Hayter & Britt Baker would storm the ring to make the save. To nobody’s surprise, this is exactly what happened. But as I make a point of saying, don’t blame the performers from the booking.


A nice piece of news coming out in the days prior to this was that Skye Blue was officially All Elite! To be honest, this is something that I had just assumed at this point, given how much she’s been featured on AEW as well as being a key player in The Outcasts storyline. Still, it’s good to have this affirmed.

The Outcasts have a new look leather look and it looks badass! Meanwhile Skye Blue and Riho look like a double gender reveal party. Everyone looks great though, and that’s what’s important!

The Outcasts jump the babyfaces before the bell. Toni & Skye are up first. Skye gets the better of the exchange and both quickly tag out. Riho takes the early advantage in her fight against Ruby so she tags in Skye, they double team Ruby to send her out of the ring. Riho splashes the Outcasts from the top rope to the floor as we go to break.

The match noticeably slows down during commercial break but Skye Blue especially makes up for it when we return, hitting a Hurricanerana off the apron to Toni Storm giving a mighty scream on the floor. She’s fired up! Riho & Skye Blue team up on Ruby Soho, Skye hitting her with a Superkick while Riho hits her with a Crucifix Bomb. Toni, though, puts Skye Blue through the wringer hitting with a German Suplex followed by a Hip Attack followed by Storm Zero. Count to 100. She’s done.

Post-match, The Outcasts jump Skye Blue. Riho attempts to fight them off but they beat her up too and spray paint a green L on her stomach, then Shield Bomb her. Jamie Hayter runs out by herself but she can’t handle the numbers advantage. But then Britt Baker comes out and she manages to clean house.

Green Herring

Let’s talk about Britt Baker’s pants. They’re leather. They’re black and green. Many fans took note of this and wondered if this is signalling that Britt is going to join the Outcasts. My whole thing is, we’ve already seen so much artillery fired from both Britt towards the Outcasts and return fire that having Britt join them now should be Russo-level bad storytelling. It worked with Ruby Soho because you could buy that Ruby made a decision in that moment to join them. I think we all ultimately agree that Britt will eventually turn on Jamie Hayter at some point but even if, as a heel, Britt finds common ground with The Outcasts, we can’t have all this fighting be part of the plan.

Pitch Please!

Just as a really quick creative pitch for Britt’s inevitable turn on Jamie Hayter, I have them defeat The Outcasts in Blood & Guts with Britt & Jamie both on top of the cell to end the match, and while they’re celebrating Britt throws Jamie off the top of the cell through a table. Unless that’s too dangerous, of course. I don’t expect every wrestler to be as up for these stunts as Sammy Guevara.

Winner: The Outcasts (6:22)

Winner: The Outcasts (6:22)
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