Ret-ROH-Spective-Episode 9

Two matches on this week’s Ring Of Honor show, as is usually the case.

This episode of ROH starts strong with Athena vs Lady Frost. I’ve been very impressed with Lady Frost. She’s not just super athletic with her Lucha style but she’s very solidly built. I dare say she’d be a credible striker too, her upper body is so muscular.

After selling the heat for a while, Frost makes a comeback and hits a thrilling Handspring Cannonball.

Athena is so wonderfully brutal in this match, catching Frost in a tree of woe and kicking her in the back repeatedly before stretching her neck over the bottom rope.

Lady Frost hits a very fast, stiff looking Spin kick and then follows that up with a fast and stiff looking spinning moonsault which is protected by having Athena roll towards the ropes to escape getting pinned. Soon after, Athena wins with massive discus elbow strike. Post-match, Athena makes Lady Frost “Kiss The Ring” (of Honor World Title).

Lady Frost is awesome, man. I feel like she’s foreign enough to AEW (2 appearances on Dark, none since 2020), that she could be seen as an ROH exclusive should they decide to go in that direction.

Winner: Athena (5:13)

Diamanté comes down to the ring in red gear, nicely contrasting Skye Blue. This match opens with fast, snug action. Diamanté baseball slides into Skye’s back while she’s laying on the apron sending her flying to the floor. This sets up Diamanté’s campaign to work over Blue’s back.

Besides just improving in general, Skye is becoming quite the counter-move wrestler. She sets up so much offence by dodging her opponent. Skye Blue can’t prevent an awesome German Suplex on the apron. Diamanté goes for a pin shortly after but Skye is able to reach for the ropes, putting over that she’s becoming more of a veteran.

Speaking of counters, Skye Blue wins this match by countering a counter, locking in a stacked pinning combination.

Winner: Skye Blue (3:21)

Post-match Athena comes out wearing a Skye Blue hat before taking it off and stomping on it. Athena vs Skye Blue coming soon!

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