Ret-ROH-spective – Episode 6

Caprice Coleman outdoes himself with this time with the lyrics for Willow’s music. Love it. This was a squash but I love it when Willow’s just in “strong baby-mode” where she’s being playful and it’s like she doesn’t know her own strength.

Willow Pounces Mimi out of her ponytail and then hits the Babe Bomb for the win. It wasn’t a long time but it was a fun time.

Winner: Willow Nightingale (2:01)

Hyped as a “Dream Match”, the Ace of TJPW takes on ROH World Champion Athena. Miyu keeps Athena in check early throwing a Skull Kick attempt as soon as Athena starts feeling cocky. Miyu begins dictating the match with her kicks and really starts chasing her opponent but Athena finds opening with some dirty tactics using the ring apron, the post, and some vicious tactics on the floor.

So far this is a really different feeling match for Athena; It’s more of a traditional heel match where she’s on the retreat and the majority of her offence comes from finding opportunities to be cruel.

Yamashita misses a Skull Kick and Athena turns it into a Crossface. Miyu tries to get to the rope but Athena rolls her back into the ring and reapplies until knocking her out for the win. Very good match.

Post-match Athena teases a post-match beating but decides not too. Commentary put across that Athena may be thinking twice about the fines.

Winner: Athena (13:33)

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