Ret-ROH-spective – Episode 5

We’re just one day out from the biggest show of Wrestlemania weekend: ROH Supercard Of Honor! This episode had two great matches, one featuring what I’d consider non-AEW/ROH talent but very much welcome. The latter might be my women’s match of the month.

Let’s get into it…

Well what have we got here? Miyu Yamashita, the Ace of TJPW! Just for kicks. Facing Shazza McKenzie. What a cool matchup! Miyu waists little time putting over the power of her kicks. Shazza proves to be pretty slippery, pretty crafty, evading Miyu to get to some of her offence. McKenzie gets to show off some of her kicks against the rope.

This stiff striking bout ends with Yamashita hitting her Skull Kick, as most her matches do.

Winner: Miyu Yamashita (4:45)

Emi Sakura takes on Athena. Oh baby, I’ve been looking forward to this. Athena is such a great Champion already.

Emi opens aggressively, backing off Athena to the apron and then crossbody dives at Athena through the ropes sending her flying. Athena makes her pay for that, backdropping her on the apron and then slamming the back of her head on the floor. This is VICIOUS!!! Athena then Shot Gun Dropkicks Emi into the side of the ring! Jesus! OH MY GOD IT’S MEI SURUGA!!!! She tries to interfere but winds up getting slammed on the floor but that opens the door for Emi to take her out and then hit her with a crossbody dive against the steps!

This match rules already!

Oh my god, if I try to summarize all the good shit in this match it’ll be just super long recap. After several just incredible sequences, Athena wins with the Crossface. Holy hell, I cannot do this match justice. Just go watch it.

Winner: Athena (8:29)

Post match, Athena tries to wrap Emi’s knee around a post. She decks Mei Suruga and then out comes Yuka Sakazaki for an insanely entertaining fight-breakup-fight. Can’t wait for that match but before that, I’m gonna watch Athena vs Emi again right now. Athena is a special talent and Emi Sakura proves again not only can she wrestle anyone but she can give them one of their best matches.

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