Ret-ROH-Spective – Episode 4

Another couple of women’s matches on this episode of Ring Of Honor, as seems to be the format. Both matches are singles matches, though Skye Blue is the only talent among the four that I’d be comfortable saying is actually signed and I’m always looking for little clues as to whether someone might be signed or not.

Alright, let’s get into it…

Lady Frost vs Skye Blue

It’s great to see Lady Frost again! I really love her cold aesthetic which you’d think someone with a “cold” palette to her gear would be fair but her tanned skin contrasts nicely with the rest of her icey ensemble. Frost is also in incredible shape! She’s extremely athletic. I’m starting to lean towards thinking she’s “All ROH” or whatever the term is. She did get an entrance, which is a positive sign.

For the match; Both these women peddle in speed and agility—Never a bad dynamic— but Lady Frost shows off her power game, delivering some awesome stiff kicks, and then her agility and size with a hand spring cannon ball! Yoooo!!! She does the cocky heel attitude very well. At this point I’m thinking it’s a shame to have her lose (I’m assuming) to Skye Blue as she could really have something. I’d hate to risk taking away from her credibility too much this early because I look at her muscular build with all the tools she brings, and as I watch her deliver some punishing knees to Skye Blue, I’m thinking she’d tick all the boxes of a credible as a threat to the top of this division should she win this match. But I’m also a proponent of “not rushing” anything until either the talent, character, or the field is just right. I’m just seeing so much in Lady Frost right now.

And just when I think I can’t be any more impressed, Lady Frost does a cartwheel against Skye Blue, picking her up in the process into an Air Raid Crash! I was praying that was the finish but Blue kicks out. Skye Blue finishes with a Skye Fall but this time she lifts up Lady Frost kind of like how Jade sets up Jaded.

Winner: Skye Blue (8:20)

Really fun match. I was thoroughly impressed by Lady Frost. I can’t wait to see more from her.

Billie Starkz vs Miranda Alize

I’m not all that familiar with Miranda Alize but pretty cool look. And Billie Starkz… what’s left to say? I’ll be crestfallen if she winds up anywhere other than AEW or ROH. She’s a prodigy. A sustained hard lockup to start the match as each woman proven they’re both tuffies. Miranda re-thinks her strategy and bites Billie’s hand.

Good high tempo, high flying and, yes, biting action. Billie’s so good at looking like she’s had the wind knocked out of her. Miranda reverses a Hurricanerana into a Crossface submission which she called Miranda Rights. That’s fun.

Awesome spinning kick right under the jaw from Starkz followed by a DVD variant gets 2. Miranda hits a really nice “basement” Hurricanerana Driver for two. Billie returns with a vicious shoulder breaker. Misses a Swanton but wins the match with a Tombstone.

Winner: Billie Starkz (6:57)

Commentary puts this over as an upset. Who’s upset? Not me! Good action in this one.

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