Ret-ROH-spective – Episode 2

Coming off a pretty hot first episode, we get another couple of women’s matches on Episode 2, including a main event that wouldn’t be out of place on an AEW PPV.

Trish Adora vs Billie Starkz

So this first match is really cool as I have to believe both Trish Adora and Billie Starkz have to be high on Tony Khan’s radar to sign them.

Trish Adora catches Billie Starkz early taking a big risk, diving to the outside, and then bodyslams her back onto the corner of the apron. Billie shrieks in pain.

Back in the ring, Adora beautifully executes a stalling German Suplex with a bridged pin combination and after Billie kicks out at two, does a variation on Cattle Mutilation. Billie has some great counters. She has such great timing, she already feels like a TV wrestler.

The match breaks down into a strike off in the middle of the ring. Billie hits a spinning heel kick but Adora comes back with the Lariat Tubman for the win.

Winner: Trish Adora (5:42)

Really good action packed sub-6 minute match. It’s unclear what the “ROH Women’s Division” is (or ROH’s entire roster, for that matter) but I’m encouraged that these two are wrestling so early into this version of ROH.

Athena vs Willow Nightingale

In our MAIN EVENT! Uber-babyface Willow Nightingale takes on World Champion Athena for her title. Good pace to open the match which Athena tries to break-up with a flush forearm to Willow’s jaw. Willow absorbs it but doesn’t go down. Willow shows a lot of speed early on including a trio of suplexes, the third a Fisherman Suplex which she gets a 2-count with.

Athena takes over with kicks and strikes. Just pure aggression. Willow goes to her wrestling to tease a comeback but Athena’s dirty (but legal) tactics and strikes put her back on top. A highlight of this match is Athena baseball kicking Willow off the apron. Goddamn!

Athena begins working over Willow’s shoulder in this match pinning it between the ring and the steps before dropkicking the steps. Again, dirty but legal. Athena tries for a running Hurricanerana off the apron but Willow captures her and power bombs her on the apron, followed by a Death Valley Driver on the floor. Willow has picked up her aggression!

Athena starts slapping and yelling at Willow and Willow replies by opening a great big can of whoop ass. Excellent babyface fire-up spot. Athena though comes back with vicious arm attacks and a Fujiwara Armbar. Athena hits her Gutwrench Codebreaker-type move. Goddamn, how strong is this woman?!

Athena survives a pounce and a Babe Bomb. She escapes to the outside and starts to walk up the ramp but Willow catches up to her. Athena eye gouges her, drops her from a fireman carry onto the ramp, drives her head first into the steps and then hits the O-Face to win.

Winner: Athena (14:44)

Goddamn, this was a PPV-quality match! It had everything you want in terms of back and forth and incredible action. Just a beautiful match between an immaculate babyface and a perfectly vicious heel champion. This is fucking pro wrestling.

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