Pitching A Jamie Hayter Title Win

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I’ve already made an article about the 4-way match at All Out, analyzing each competitor and their chances of winning, which you may read using the link below.

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But what I wanted to do now is a Pitch Please! article, fantasy-booking what I think would make for the most intriguing outcome not just in the match, but also in the aftermath. Let’s get it on!

Off The Scent

This coming Wednesday, the 4 combatants in the 4-way at All Out will have a tag match on Dynamite. In this match, fans will be looking for any subtext in the action indicating that Jamie Hayter may turn on Britt Baker or vice versa. For the purpose of my own fantasy booking, I keep Hayter as appearing to be 100% inline with Britt Baker both in this match and going into the pay-per-view. I’d have the heels standing tall, while Toni Storm & Hikaru Shida are actually the ones who seem to be at odds at the end of the match.

2 vs 1 vs 1

The match starts almost like a Tornado Tag version of their Dynamite match. Toni Storm & Hikaru Shida find themselves aligned as they’re both taking on Baker & Hayter. Early on the babyfaces stand tall, disposing their heel counterparts outside the ring. We get a Storm/Shida stare down as this is every woman for themselves after all. And they start fighting it out.

So Toni & Hikaru battle it out one-on-one until Britt & Jamie pick their spot. Jamie pulls the rope down on an Irish Whip to cause Storm to be dumped to the outside. Baker & Hayter immediately get in the ring making it essentially a 2-on-1 handicap match against Shida.

This proves to be the game plan going forward for Baker & Hayter: is always trying to engineer a handicap match against on of Toni Storm or Hikaru Shida. But of course in the back of everyone’s mind is that inevitable moment when Hayter goes for a pin and Britt pulls her off.

Botched Execution #1

So we get our first hint at frustration midway into the match. This whole time, Jamie Hayter has never gone for a pinfall attempt. There hasn’t even been a hint that she has any designs on winning this match.

During one of the periods where Baker & Hayter are alone in the ring with Toni Storm, Baker gets the glove from Rebel. She instructs Jamie to go out to the floor and make sure Shida can’t break it up. As Hayter is about to exit the ring, Toni puts a deep schoolboy roll up pin on Britt, just like the one she beat Marina Shafir with. Jamie has to race back and break the pin.

Remember this pin?

Botched Execution #2

Jamie & Britt beatdown Toni Storm and this time, Jamie watches at Britt sinks in the Lock Jaw, AND THEN goes to block Shida from being able to come in and break it up. But during the commotion, Shida snuck to the other side of the ring and is crouching by the apron. As Jamie heads to Shida’s former location, Shida gets in the ring and breaks up the submission.

A Tease

Deep into the match, all 4 women are fighting on the floor and in one of the altercations, Britt Baker looks to be injured. Doc Sampson comes to check on Britt. Jamie is there showing her concern. All the while, Storm & Shida are fighting in the ring. Toni Storm gets Shida setup for the hip attack but Hayter makes her way into the ring and Pounces Toni as she’s running corner-to-corner.

This match divulges into a 3-way match between Storm, Shida and Hayter. There’s lots of pinfall attempts with lots of breakups from the 3rd woman but, still, we never see Hayter attempt a pin.

Shida takes Toni Storm out with a High Knee

Shida whips Storm into the ropes and follows her up with a High Knee which knocks Toni out of the ring. Jamie Hayter comes in and waist locks Shida from behind. Shida fights it off for a moment and looks to run into the ropes but Hayter snatches her into the waist lock again and hits the Ripcord Lariat!

Shida lays prone in the centre of the ring. Hayter is on her hands and knees after having just delivered her move. From where she is she can see Toni Storm face down on the floor not moving. She looks over at Shida. The crowd is urging her to go for the pin. Just as she starts to crawl towards Shida, across the ring we can spot Britt Bakers hand reaching up for the bottom rope to pull herself up.

Still Faithful

We get a close up of Britt’s face as she looks at Jamie Hayter and then at Shida and back up at Hayter. Hayter speedily crawls towards Shida, giving fans the impression that she’s going to go for the win right in front of Britt, but she crawls over Shida to get to Britt to help her into the ring. Britt pins Shida.

1… 2… Shida kicks out.

The Finish

Britt lays on her back still ailing from her injuries while Shida is on her belly having just kicked out of a pinfall attempt.

Toni Storm gets back into the ring and starts getting the better of Jamie Hayter in the corner. The announcers put over that Jamie Hayter is the only thing stopping Toni Storm from scoring the win over either Britt Baker or Hikaru Shida. Toni sets up Jamie for the Hip Attack.

Toni marches to the opposite corner and gives her ‘booty slapping’ taunt to signal the fans what’s coming. What she doesn’t realize this whole time is that Britt Baker has crawled over to the prone Shida and is applying the Lock Jaw on her. Toni runs towards Hayter but at the last second spots Baker. Toni veers course to go to stomp on Britt to break the submission but Hayter runs up from behind and puts her in a waste lock, lifting her feet off the ground.

Toni keeps trying to break free as Hayter drags her into the centre of the ring and away from Britt. Jamie lifts Toni off the ground again and Toni’s feet touch the ground, Jamie pulls her into a Ripcord Lariat!

Hayter, on her knees beside the fallen Toni Storm, looking over at Britt Baker with Shida who is not submitting. Paul Turner is standing in the middle of all the action, his head on a swivel as he’s watching for Shida to tap on his left but also trying to watch for a pin attempt to his right. The crowd urges Jamie Hayter to go for the pin. Jamie pauses for a second then hurriedly hooks a leg for the pin.

1… 2…

Hikaru Shida starts tapping out! But Paul Turner has his back turned away from Britt & Shida!


Britt Has A Case

Jamie Hayter’s music hits. The commentators are saying Britt actually had the match won but the referee didn’t see Shida tapping because he was doing the 3-count. Britt is pleading her case to Paul Turner who’s pantomiming basically that he can only call what he sees. Jamie is announced the Interim AEW Women’s World Champion and, in the moment, Britt Baker is able to swallow her pride and embrace Jamie Hayter.

Deepening resentment

Britt enters less than enthusiastically for Hayter’s title defences

Over the following weeks, Britt Baker gets increasingly contentious with Hayter. Britt starts by saying that Jamie isn’t an actual champion like she is because the Interim doesn’t really count. Britt interrupts Jamie’s talking segments setup for her, to which Jamie puts her in her place. And during title defences, Britt looks increasingly despondent. When offered a title shot from Jamie, Britt implies that Hayter can’t beat Thunder Rosa by saying she’d rather take Thunder Rosa’s Unified World Title.

The Turn

Finally, as Thunder Rosa’s return draws near, Hayter has a title defence against Toni Storm. During the match Britt finds an opportunity to Curb Stomp Jamie Hayter while the ref and Toni are distracted setting up the win for Toni Storm who takes the Interim Title. Toni has no idea that Britt interfered.

Full Gear

And we’re back to where we all assumed we were heading

This brings us to Full Gear where we’d get the Unification match between Thunder Rosa & Toni Storm as well as a grudge match between Britt Baker & Jamie Hayter. You add to that the TBS Title and that’d be 3 women’s matches on the card and that’s… pretty cool.

So what do you think of this ‘Pitch Please!’ pitch? Thumbs up? Thumbs down? You can let me know in the comments below or hit me up on Twitter at @AEW_ONE.

Thanks for reading and, as always, make sure you let the women in your life know how much you appreciate them.

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