Penelope Ford vs Willow Nightingale

Hey everybody! It’s Willow Nightingale! Call your friends and neighbours and tell them to turn on TNT! Do it goddammit! I always love it when Willow is on AEW and I do not hide this fact on Twitter.

And actually, I’m underselling the fact that the extremely underrated Penelope Ford is also on. Should be a good match. I’m not sure where this match is heading and I’d be completely fine with it being just a fixture. Just a competitive match for the sake of it, this is supposed to emulate a sport after all. But typically if it’s a match on Dynamite or Rampage, it’s leading to something else. We shall see…

Let’s go to the action!

Willow goes to lockup but Penelope opts for striking instead. Willow quickly turns the tides though knocking Ford to the mat with a shoulder block. Willow starts out-wrestling Penelope but gets caught up in her own antics, leaving an opening for Ford to get back in it.

Big chop and a scoop slam from Willow followed by a diving Crossbody for two. A pounce is attempted but Penelope puts the breaks on to avoid it. Willow is laying on the apron while Ford launches herself over the rope and drops her knees into Willow as we go to PIP.

During PIP, Ford runs her opponent into a ring post and then rolls her back into the ring. Willow takes refuge in the corner but Penelope hits a handspring back elbow and then… Licks Willow’s face?! WTF? Willow gets back into the match with a Neck Breaker but then misses on the Senton. Penelope chokes Willow on the ropes for a 4-count and then pulls her neck first into the ropes. A good deal of rest holds here during PIP.

Back from PIP, Willow drops Ford with a Big Boot and then hits a Spinebuster and a DEEP stacked pin but Penelope kicks out. Penelope matrixes under a clothesline and then delivers a Cutter to Nightingale for two. Penelope goes up top, she flies at Willow but Willow runs underneath to avoid her and then once Penelope turns around hits her with a massive Pounce into the ropes! And the straps come down motherfuckers!

Willow tries for a backslide but only gets two. Penelope returns with a Pumpkick to the face and then a Face Smasher before sinking in the Indian Deathlock with the Bridge for the win. Kip Sabian (and his box) celebrate at ringside.

Solid match overall. Penelope Ford and Willow Nightingale always deliver so the quality was never in doubt. With Grand Slam being next week, I figured this match must be hinting at something but it doesn’t appear to be.

Penelope Ford wins via submission

Penelope Ford wins via submission
2.6 5 0 1
Match Time: 7:28
Match Time: 7:28
2.6 rating
Total Score


  • Dat POUNCE!
  • 2 awesome performers doing what they do


  • Action noticeably slowed down during PIP
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