Nyla/Shafir vs Royal/Risk

The tag team of Nyla Rose and Marina Shafir are out once again with Vickie Guerrero at ringside.

Angelica Risk’s strategy is to blitz Nyla by running right at her but Nyla bit boots her to the ground and then throwing her corner to corner. Shafir comes in and basically kicks the shit out of Angelica. The interesting part of this beating is Shafir holds this woman’s wrist and and beats on her. There’s no opportunity for Angelica to run away. Shafir tags Nyla back in.

Nyla puts Risk into a torture rack position then flips her up and over into a cutter. Very nice move! She goes for the pin and, kind of hilariously, Shalonce Royal flies in super hard and breaks the pin before one. I don’t think she was but Nyla looked legitimately pissed. To make it even funnier, Shalonce Royal sings an opera note so you can hear her coming before she even enters the picture.

Nyla tags in Shafir who calmly walks to the opposite corner, fakes a high kick before kicking Shalonce between the ropes in the stomach, knocking her off the apron. Again, I don’t know why this maneuver made me laugh. I just think Shafir doesn’t think like a pro wrestler in the best possible way. she doesn’t do the sort of tropes we’ve all seen a thousand times.

Nyla then holds Risk up. Shafir kicks her once in the back, once in the head and that’s all that was needed for the win. To make matters worse for poor Shalonce, she never even got tagged into the match.

I low key loved this match. 😂 It was a short squash match so I can’t exactly award it even 2 stars but I so love and appreciate it when wrestling turns tropes on their ear. Also, if you want to read me gush on about Marina Shafir, why not check out Bet On Marina Shafir?

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Starts at 8:25

Marina Shafir wins via pinfall

Marina Shafir wins via pinfall
1.7 5 0 1
Match Time: 2:17
Match Time: 2:17
1.7 rating
Total Score


  • Great comedic value (which is an underrated quality in wrestling)
  • Shafir shows some new range


  • It's a squash match on Elevation
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