Nyla/Shafir vs Max The Impaler/Howitzer

Monster mash.

Now this is a fascinating matchup! I’m intrigued by both teams. I was relieved to see Marina Shafir get her own entrance rather than come out to Nyla’s music as Nyla’s tag partners often do. Max The Impaler & Heidi Howitzer standing side by side is quite the visual. They look like they come from the same Hell Planet.

While there wasn’t much of a story to the match and there were some wonky parts, there was so much to analyze as far as the talents in the ring individually. Max and Howitzer definitely seem to have their characters pretty fleshed out.

We start with Nyla vs Max. Nyla puts over Max’s strength but again, Nyla is the savvier veteran. Shafir gets tagged in and while her body manipulation work didn’t got as smoothly as planned, Shafir is so skilled she can recover the spot by quickly changing holds and re-working it to make the whole spot look like she can’t be denied regardless. Max proves to be too big to fully take down at this juncture. Howitzer has some effective looking offence when trapping her opponent in the corner. She definitely comes off as clever and vicious. Max The Impaler credibly comes off as someone who’s power and drive is unmatched but they can be outsmarted. 

Wait for it… Beast Spear!

The finish comes when Shafir locks in her Greedy submission. Bryce Remsburg can’t see Howitzer’s hand tapping right away. Max comes in (late?) to break it up but Nyla runs across and hits a BIG spear to cut off the attempt. The finish was very wonky in the setup but the payoff was worth it. Really fun match.

Note: Just because I give a match a low rating doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy it for what it was. It’s not a commentary on the competitors and not all matches are meant to be 3-, 4-, 5-star matches.

Nyla Rose/Marina Shafir win via submission

Nyla Rose/Marina Shafir win via submission
1.5 5 0 1
Match Time: 3:24
Match Time: 3:24
1.5 rating
Total Score


  • Good exhibition of some awesome looking characters
  • Shafir is so good! Nyla rules as always.


  • Some shaky execution
  • Really short
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