Nyla/Shafir vs Blue/Aminata

This was actually a really intriguing match to me. Firstly, you’ve got one of my favourite AEW prospects in Marina Shafir. We get to see the evolution of this “Beasts of Burden” tag team with Nyla Rose (who, in this house, we stan). And on the other side is super babyface and another prospect who seems destined for the #AllElite treatment in Skye Blue. And then we’ve got Queen Aminata who has really impressed the hell out of me in her previous outing against Athena where she worked as a heel. In this one, she’s on the babyface team. Let’s do it!

Actually, before we get started, have they dropped the “Beasts of Burden” name for this team of Nyla & Shafir? I didn’t hear them referred to this once. Not by commentary, not by Justin Roberts, and not by Vickie Guerrero. Huh.

Skye Blue and Nyla Rose open it up. Skye starts off by dodging and weaving including a matrix. Skye’s really showing her athleticism. She gets a low kick to drop Nyla to a knee and then comes in for the facekick but then Nyla catches it and pulls her in for a wicked scoop slam!

Shafir gets tagged in and lays on her back with her knees up for Nyla to body slam Skye onto them but Skye escapes and face busts Nyla onto Shafir’s knees. Blue makes the tag and Queen Aminata… She lights up Shafir with a chop that would make Penta smile!

Queen attacks Marina with a snap mare, back kick, running knee strike and goes for the pin but Marina rolls away. Marina then goes to work as only she can with a hard palm strike to the midsection, a judo throw, kick to the spine, a series of kicks to the insides of Queen Aminata’s knees and then a deadly uranage to put the Queen down. It’s just fucking regicide at this point!

“You have selected Regicide. If you know the name of the king or queen being murdered, press ‘1’!

Nyla gets tagged in and just hits a big body splash on Aminata but Skye breaks the pin. As Nyla goes after Blue (taking the referee’s attention with her), Shafir sneaks in and drags Aminata back to her corner for her and Vickie Guerrero to abuse. Shafir gets tagged back in and sweeps Aminata’s foot, dropping her on her back while Nyla hits a big Senton! Great teamwork!

Queen fights back and tags in Skye Blue who comes in like a house on fire but Shafir extinguishes her with a beautiful German Suplex. Shafir tags in Nyla, they Irish whip Blue off the ropes and Nyla picks her up onto her shoulder as Shafir grabs Skye’s head and DDTs her into the mat for the 1-2-3.

Man, this was a really fun match! Under 4-minutes but it was action packed with so many cool unique spots from all 4 women. I’m not sure the double-team finisher came off like they wanted but when you’ve got 3 people all crashing at the same time like that I feel you get a lot of leeway. So fun! If you haven’t seen this match, definitely check it out!

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Starts at 8:44

Nyla & Marina win via pinfall

Nyla & Marina win via pinfall
2.5 5 0 1
Match time: 3:38
Match time: 3:38
2.5 rating
Total Score


  • Action PACKED!
  • Fun offence from everyone


  • Not sure the double-team finisher was quite what they intended
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