Nyla Rose vs Riho

AEW did an excellent job summarizing Riho & Nyla Rose’s past and rightly so. Nyla vs Riho were the matches that really enlightened me to Joshi Puroresu and inspired me to research it further. 

This match was a classic Act III for these two with Riho subverting expectations with her speed just as it’d look like Nyla had her in her grasp and then Nyla overpowering Riho just when you though she’d slipped thru Nyla’s fingers, with the biggest subversion coming when it was Riho with the display of power, hitting a Northern Lights Suplex on Nyla.

Marina Shafir tries to interfere for her side and it almost works as it allows Nyla to set up Riho for the Beast Bomb but Riho slips out and rolls Nyla up in a pin.

After the match, Nyla & Marina beat up Riho and leave her for dead. This is when the Outcasts come out. Nyla & Marina pay them the professional curtesy of not standing in their way, although it felt like Nyla might have given them a distasteful look but that might just be my own bias since I predicted that Nyla & Marina would break-up and each would end up on the Originals and Outcasts respectively.

The Outcasts spray paint poor Riho. Riho has been racking up the wins. Looks like Riho is officially in this feud but of course one of the most interesting aspects of this is how Britt & Jamie are going to win over some of these babyfaces.  

Winner: Riho (12:07)

Winner: Riho (12:07)
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