Nyla Rose vs Anna Jay A.S.

So this is an interesting heel-on-heel match up that came about from a piss funny hilarious segment backstage hosted by newly signed Renee Paquette. Pro wrestling has many tropes, some fresher than others. And just when I thought I was done with the belt-stealing gimmick for a while, Nyla has willed this to be great and that’s a massive flex.

Again, emminating from Toronto, I had great seats for this show but hours before the show, front row seats became available on Ticketmaster so YOINK! Amazing experience. It’s a different show from there. Before the match though, I actually got to meet Nyla Rose, Marina Shafir and The Legendary Vickie Guerrero. In the Tweet below, you can read about that experience if you like. I’ll just mention that I had told Nyla that since I was in the front row, if she needed someone to guard her TBS Title… But Marina Shafir was quick to point out that Nyla already had a MUCH more capable guard in herself. Hard to disagree, lol.

Nyla has the clear power advantage but this match really allowed Anna Jay’s striking game to get over. Jim Ross puts over than a win tonight would be Nyla Rose’s 80th win which leads the entire division!

Unlike other matches, the commercial break wasn’t actually discernible not because of the pace in the ring but because there was so much entertaining extraneous stuff going on that, imagining people watching on TNT, you don’t need to hear to enjoy. Anna chokes Nyla on the ropes while boy popper (and extremely over in Canada) Daddy Magic screams in Nyla’s face. Vickie Guerrero would come over and start flirty with Cool Hand Ang before pulling his suspenders and letting them smack him in the nipples. Great legitimately funny stuff.

Nyla Rose hangs up Anna on the top rope for the big knee drop but Anna telegraphs it, getting out of the way and then pulling Nyla’s neck down on the rope. Anna gets in and goes for the Queen Slayer but Rose is able to shake her off. Anna goes for move off the tope rope but Nyla catches her and then pulls her in for the Beast Bomb for the win!

After the match, Nyla & Marina Shafir celebrate as Vickie Guerrero comes in reveals a sign which reads “1-0” (of course taking a shot at Jade Cargill). And at this, Jade’s music hits. There’s security in the way though. Jade’s Baddies come down to confront them but after losing her patience, Jade Cargill comes down and absolutely destroys these goobers to the delight of us Canadians who started a hearty “JADE JADE JADE” chant. As a match, it was maybe a bit average but as a segment, especially with the involvement of Vickie Guerrero, Matt Menard, and Angelo Parker, and then Jade afterward, what a grand slam of a segment. Absolute magic. Of course I can’t base my rating on all the peripheries but it’s worth bringing up and praising anyway.

Nyla Rose wins via pinfall

Nyla Rose wins via pinfall
2.2 5 0 1
Match Time: 5:34
Match Time: 5:34
2.2 rating
Total Score


  • Outside peripheries
  • Decent match


  • Really slowed down during PIP
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