Mercedes Martinez vs Serena Deeb

For the ROH Women’s World Championship.

My prediction was that Serena Deeb would win the ROH Women’s World Title from Mercedes Martinez but given that going into this match we had already seen two titles switch hands, I was feeling less sure.

An exchange of holds opens the match working from standing holds and then down to the mat. Deeb starts to take advantage by anticipating Martinez’s movements and counter wrestling her but Mercedes would take some control after hitting a Spinebuster.

Out on the floor, an exchange of chops leads to Mercedes putting Deeb on the apron. She attempts to hit a DVD on “the hardest part of the ring” but Deeb stops her and hits Mercedes with a Spear!

Deeb hits a flip-over stunner from the second turnbuckle for two as “Serena” chants ring out. Martinez follows that up with a Half & Half Suplex to recover. Then Martinez sets Deeb up sitting reversed on the turnbuckle and traps her in a Brass City Sleeper but due to being on the ropes must break before the 5-count. Deeb elbows Martinez off her, sending Martinez falling backwards but getting hung up in the Tree Of Woe for Serena to get some free shots.

Deeb brings Martinez into the centre of the ring and locks in the Deebtox submission but Mercedes is able to fight out of it. This leads to a couple pin attempts from both women, then Martinez puts her submission skills to work. Deeb punches her way out. Both women are seated facing each other and start just kicking each other in the chest. Mercedes Martinez then hits probably the deadliest looking Spider German Suplex I’ve ever seen! Wow! Deeb takes the drop right on the back or her neck!

Jesus Christ!!!

Martinez picks Deeb up and sets her up for the Execution Elbow but Serena just falls forward. Martinez then sets up Deeb for the Brass City Sleeper but Serena blocks her Mercedes arm from going in front of her throat and in desperation bites Martinez arm! Refusing to let go until she does. This was fucking metal.

An enraged Mercedes starts bludgeoning Serena Deeb with strikes before picking her up in a Fireman Carry position but Deeb reverses it into a Swinging Neckbreaker. Deeb then picks Mercedes up, does a Tornado DDT off the ropes, then locks Mercedes in the Serenity Lock. Martinez gets her leg free and kicks Deeb to get out. Deeb works over the knee, readying another attempt at her submission but Mercedes fights back. She hits Deeb with an OG Drop for two.

Martinez then goes again to lock in the Brass City Sleeper and this time she get it. Deeb struggles mightily, pushing on Martinez’s shoulder trying to slip her head out from under Mercedes’ arm but the submission is synced in too well and Deeb must submit.

Incredible match. In retrospect, given the support that Serena Deeb has garnered with AEW’s fanbase, this was a very important win for Mercedes Martinez, I feel. Even more important than her win over Deonna Purrazzo on Dynamite. For those uninitiated with Mercedes Martinez’s earlier work (such as myself) this was a big statement for her going forward.

The two women hug in the ring after the match. I hope this sets up some kind of Blackpool Combat Club “bleed together before we fight together” moment between the two because I was liking their dynamic as a tag team before the split.

Mercedes Martinez wins via submission

Mercedes Martinez wins via submission
4 5 0 1
Match Time: 17:20
Match Time: 17:20
4.0 rating
Total Score


  • That Spider German Suplex lives in my head now
  • Hard, smart and desperate action


  • Nothing about this was mid
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