Megan Bayne Is GOD

CAUTION: “Fantasy Booking” is supposed to be fun. I’m always open to criticism but I do require that you submit your own idea as a part of your critique.

A while back I wrote about Kamille coming to AEW and how, while she’s an extraordinary talent and a hoss standing at 5’10”, the most important thing is that the right spot exists in the promotion. What makes this in extra challenge is that another hoss, the 5’11” Megan Bayne, could also be entering the promotion any day now. A wrestling trope I’m no where near tired of is that of the heel champion and their heater. Like MJF & Wardlow, Shawn Michaels & Diesel, etc.

Kamille, who went on a 813 day run as NWA World Champion, feels beyond being a body guard at this point. Kamille feels like she should be coming into the company as a prize fighter, looking for gold for herself. Megan Bayne, however, feels like she could spend the first year or two of her AEW career having someone else’s back. There’s just one complication for me though and that is that Megan Bayne’s presentation isn’t really that of a body guard. She looks like Diana Of Themyscira (Wonder Woman before she left her island). I don’t want to see Megan Bayne in a suit or a black t-shirt.  I want her coming out in all her glory…

Creative Pitch

For this I’m going to have Megan Bayne be a heel Mercedes Moné’s body guard.

In the lead up to ALL IN, Mercedes Moné starts using the expression “I have more money than God” leading to her getting a t-shirt that reads “More Moné Than God”.

At ALL IN, Mercedes Moné is defending her TBS Title in a 4-way match. In a 4-way, there’s no disqualification. At some point in the match, Mercedes closes her eyes and puts her hands together like she’s praying. This is the signal for Megan Bayne to interfere. Bayne comes in and destroys all of Mercedes opponents, leaving her to pin whomever she likes to retain. I mean, if you really wanted to be silly about it you could have Mercedes pray by the ring steps with her head down like she’s saying her bedtime prayers and by the time she lifts her head back up the deed is done and she comically gets into the ring and among all the strewn bodies proclaims “Wow, prayer really does work!”

The following Dynamite, Mercedes Moné comes out with Megan Bayne. Mercedes, with a mic in her hand and this Amazonian giant over her shoulder says,

“There is a god. And she is a woman. And her name is Megan Bayne. But that’s what her friends get to call her. As far as everyone in this arena and at home is concerned, she is ‘GOD’. And to all the women in the locker room who want a piece of me, get ready to face GOD’s Wrath! Because GOD works for Mercedes Moné.”

So are we changing her name to “GOD”? Not really. But in the fiction, anywhere Mercedes Moné can push her influence, Megan Bayne is called “GOD”. So on the roster page online, it just says “GOD”. On her chyron it reads “GOD”. On commentary they’d still refer to her as “Megan Bayne” unless Mercedes Moné is also on commentary so she can admonish them for not calling her “GOD”. Justin Roberts announces Megan as “She is all knowing. She is all powerful. She. Is. GOD!” And part of Megan Bayne’s character could be playing up the “all knowing” part of the moniker where she’s not just strong but she is able to sniff out traps and head them off at the pass.

I think Megan Bayne being introduced as “GOD” to the AEW audience would be cool/fun and position her as a Final Boss type character while also presenting a lot of fun wordplay. “GOD’s Wrath” might be her finisher. Mercedes saying “Oh my god” or “You better pray to god” takes on a new meaning. If Mercedes & Megan have a double-team maneuver you could call it “In God We Trust”. You could tease dissent where each time Mercedes Moné uses the catchphrase “More Moné Than God” Megan side eyes Mercedes for a second. That’s just off the top of my head, I’m sure there’s things you can do with “Heaven” and “Hell” or “a vengeful god”, “God’s mercy”, “God’s love”, etc. I feel like dry ice (clouds) and lightning would make for an on-brand entrance. Maybe Mikey Rukus can do something with horns for her entrance music.

/Creative Pitch

Anyway, that’s the idea I threw together. However Megan Bayne gets used, she’s a can’t miss talent and will undoubtably be a huge star. How would you introduce Megan Bayne? You can let me know in the comments or on Twitter at @aew_one. Thanks for reading and, as always, remember to let the women in your life know how much you appreciate them. 🙂

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