Marina Shafir vs Tracy Nyxx

New York native Tracy Nyxx makes her AEW debut. She’s been in “da bizniss” for 7 years. So Tracy’s gear borders on dominatrix, not that that’s a bad look at all! Marina Shafir opens up with a hard kick. She drops Tracy to the mat and kicks her in the back. Marina then grabs a wrist and despite Nyxx’s strikes won’t let go. Shafir takes back control and hits a series of hard kicks, knocking Nyx to the floor.

Nyxx comes back in with a dropkick which barely phases Shafir. Nyxx tries a high kick but Marina catches her leg and feeds a palm strike right into Tracy’s inner thigh knocking her down but Marina picks her back up and rolls her to the mat and fits her into just an insane Greedy submission.

I’ll refrain from gushing about Shafir, I promise! I already did that in Bet On Marina Shafir CHEAP PLUG!

Marina Shafir wins via submission

Marina Shafir wins via submission
1.5 5 0 1
Match Time: 2:13
Match Time: 2:13
1.5 rating
Total Score


  • Marina’s beautifully stiff technical mean game


  • Short squash match on Dark
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