Marina Shafir vs Laynie Luck

As I often say with AEW’s Dark/Elevation matches, these matches aren’t put together to chase star ratings. They’re often glorified reps. WWE has house shows, AEW has Dark and Elevation. So while the matches are pretty formulaic it’s still interesting to watch and see what wrestlers can produce within those confines, whether it’s the signed talent or “enhancement talent”. They also provide a look at new things wrestlers are trying to add to their act before debuting them on Dynamite. And occasionally, you also get a 3-5 minute match that you absolutely adore. I’m not sure why I felt like going into this preamble on this particular review…

Marina Shafir comes out to her violin music acting stoic. Nyla Rose accompanies and is acting extra as Marina’s hype-woman. It’s actually kinda hilarious.

Marina opens the match with a Jude throw. There’s actually a pretty good chain wrestling exchange between the two. Laynie Luck goes for a hip toss but Shafir blocks it into another Jude throw.

Laynie then puts Marina in a standing Hammer Lock but Marina doesn’t look too bothered by it as she calmly runs out of it and dumps Luck to the outside.

Marina tells Bryce Remsburg that something is in her eye as Nyla Rose runs over Laynie on the floor and then flirts with the camera. She’s so funny. She rolls Luck back into the ring. Remsburg is suspicious but Nyla and Vickie argue with him that nothing happened.

Nyla Rose is truly an insane presence at ringside and I’m here for it.

With Laynie on the mat, Shafir puts her knee into her back and then tries for a Bow & Arrow submission but must call an audible on the legs, rearranging them, and then hitting the Bow & Arrow. Shortly after though Marina lifts and turns Luck dropping her into a Rear Naked Choke but Luck pushes Shafir onto her shoulders to which the ref has to start counting the pin, causing Shafir to break the hold.

Laynie Luck actually gets a lot in during this match but it comes to a head when she strikes Marina with a stiff strike and Marina just no sells it. Shafir plants Luck with an “unorthodox” looking Enziguri. She messes with Luck a bit before pulling her arm into some type of submission while staring coldly into the camera.

Marina Shafir has had better matches but the additions to her act of Nyla Rose hyping her up in contrast to her stoic demeanour comes off wonderfully. Shafir blankly staring into the camera during the finish is a good add. It’s always a treat to watch Shafir in the ring. While I love the fact that she doesn’t move like a typical pro wrestler, I’m trying to search my feelings as to whether she should incorporate a little more pro wrestling to her act to get over or if she/AEW just needs to stay the course. My gut says stay the course.

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Starts at 4:12

Note: Just because I give a match a low rating doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy it for what it was nor is it necessarily a commentary on the competitors. Not all matches are meant to be 3-to-5 star matches.

Marina Shafir wins via submission

Marina Shafir wins via submission
1.7 5 0 1
Match Time: 3:18
Match Time: 3:18
1.7 rating
Total Score


  • Marina Shafir, just in general
  • Nyla Rose as Marina's hype beast
  • Subtle changes to her act as well as the tag team.


  • Essentially meaningless enhancement match. What are you gonna do?
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