Leila Grey vs Taya Valkyrie

Leila’s entrance gets a delayed POP when fans realize that Jade Cargill has come out with her and HOLY SHIT does she ever look incredible!

So, again, much like her match last week on Rampage, Taya Valkyrie has a squash match to show her as being on par with Jade Cargill. And using Mark Sterling as a storytelling device, along with Excalibur’s exuberant play-by-play, it’s impossible to miss that Taya Valkyrie has been doing Jaded for years but she calls it Rode To Valhalla. And then she did it to Mark Sterling as well.

It’s too short of a match to get a rating but as a piece of storytelling it got its point across clearly and establishes Taya Valkyrie as a credible threat to Jade’s TBS Title and streak which a lot of us have been crying out for. I’m holding onto my prediction that this match will happen on April 7th at Battle of the Belts VI.

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