Kris Statlander vs Nyla Rose

On Dynamite, the wise decision is made to play a section from the excellent Road To episode featuring Kris Statlander’s comeback. If you haven’t watched the full thing I highly recommend you check it out. Call it a “Don’t Cry Challenge” because, man, it’s such a great story.

Anyway, we finally got Kris Motherfucking Statlander BACK and she looks as big and bad as ever! And she makes her first TBS Title defence on the Dynamite after Double Or Nothing in front of a white hot crowd in San Diego. Nyla Rose, who many have identified as something of a “gatekeeper” to new champions, plays the role excellently. She bumps her ass off and with Statlander failing on her first few body slam attempts, gives Kris an achievement goal within the match.

Gear Talk

Stat at one point puts Nyla into a Leg Scissors Hold around Nyla’s waist which Nyla sells as being extra excruciating due to Statlander’s twin knee braces. I loved this detail and hope they stick with it. Also, not that Stat’s longboi gear doesn’t look great but I hope she’s not shying away from trunks on account of her knee braces because, firstly, Stone Cold Steve Austin broke that barrier two decades ago, but moreover, I think it’s actually a cool look, especially with the kinds of reflective material you can get for the metal bits. But what ever she’s comfortable in, she looks great regardless. Speaking of gear, was Nyla’s purple, pink and blue gear a tribute to the bisexual flag, this being on the eve of Pride Month?

Back to the match

Nyla does eventually target Statlander’s knees which I’m sure will be a theme going forward. I’ll be curious to see if, like the Leg Scissors if Kris might adopt some type of knee strike to take advantage of her braces. There’s a great spot subverting expectation when we come back from commercial break where Statlander kips up and Nyla immediately clotheslines her back down. Stat gets back into the match with her striking game and after a running knee strike to Nyla’s face in the corner (hmmmm) she hits a Falcon Arrow which the crowd definitely bites on but Nyla kicks out.

Nyla hits a massive Canon Ball on the outside from the apron and then another one against the barricade. Statlander kicks out of a chokeslam, takes Nyla down with a jaw breaker and wins with a 450 splash! We get a shot of Taya Valkyrie watching a TV screen in the back looking none too pleased.

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