Kiera/Leila vs StatEs/Crowley

Kiera Hogan and Leila Grey come out to Kiera’s music and are both said to be a part of “The Baddies” even though Kiera clearly cannot stand Leila. Alice Crowley looks like she’s quite big & tall and Freya States is even bigger & taller!

States & Crowley both rush Hogan & Grey from behind before the bell. Eventually though The Baddies take back control. Kiera hits her step-up leg drop that Freya kinda mistimed. Grey tags herself in much to Hogan’s dismay. Leila Grey hits a beautiful Tornado DDT on States, springing off the top rope for leverage. She gets a 2-count. States fights back and Leila willingly tags in Kiera. Crowley gets tagged in at the opposite corner but Kiera immediately disposes of her with a Superkick, followed by running sliding kick in the corner, and then another kick to the head. She gets the 3-count over Crowley.

Post match Kiera Hogan is still jaw-jacking with Leila Grey even though Grey eliminated the threat of States breaking the pinfall by taking her out on the apron. I’m not sure where this is all heading but it’s yet another interesting storyline in this women’s division. I do wonder if Stokely Hathaway is trying to oust Jade Cargill eventually or if Leila will eventually get accepted by Kiera. And what happens when Red Velvet returns?

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Starts at 14:20

Note: Just because I give a match a low rating doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy it for what it was nor is it necessarily a commentary on the competitors. Not all matches are meant to be 3-to-5 star matches.

The Baddies win via pinfall

The Baddies win via pinfall
1.2 5 0 1
Match Time: 2:00
Match Time: 2:00
1.2 rating
Total Score


  • Developing storyline of the dynamic between Grey & Hogan
  • Beautiful Tornado DDT by Leila Gery


  • Some wonky spots
  • 2-minute enhancement match
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