Kamille Is Coming

A day before Fightful reported it, my guy Brandon McMullen spilled the tea on Kamille having 100% signed with AEW. If you haven’t been watching NWA, you might remember the 5’10” Kamille’s brief appearance on AEW Dynamite in 2021 standing nose-to-nips with the 4’11” Leyla Hirsch.

Kamille was reportedly fielding offers from AEW and WWE recently and as such, opinions started flooding in on social media as to where she should sign and what she should do at either company. What became apparent though is that a lot of these fans don’t watch NWA because I recognized the assumptions about Kamille that were being thrown about.

Not Just A Monster

A woman with a 5’10” muscular build goes on an 813 day title reign. Sound familiar? An AEW fan could be forgiven for assuming that Kamille was simply the NWA’s version of Jade Cargill. But after re-acquainting myself with Kamille by watching her late work in NWA, her matches resemble something closer to Claudio Castagnoli matches than Wardlow squashes. In appearance and aura, I would classify her still as a “Monster” or maybe a “Powerhouse” but in the ring, she’s much more of an “All-Rounder”.

I dug into Kamille vs Kenzie Page from August 2023 in which she finally loses her NWA World Women’s Championship. Kamille just does everything really well. She’s an agile chain wrestler. She uses a wide variety of moves. She evidently has excellent stamina! Because while this 13-minute match didn’t have a blistering pace, there was nary a rest hold or sequence that ended with both women convalescing on the ground for long. Actually, I was really blown away by the perfect pacing of this match.

All the action felt so measured without really ever slowing much, and did a good job of building to the finish. Kamille took some great bumps and she sold her arm really well (which had been injured in storyline previously). She’s not afraid to go off the top rope, which makes for an impressive visual to see this unit fly through the air. Her facial reactions were all on point. Kamille looks like the type that would be called “a professional wrestler’s professional wrestler”.

Creative Direction?

Since December 2023, I’ve been saying that this women’s division is a roster in flux. And even though we’ve had Mercedes Moné, Mariah May, and Deonna Purrazzo debut as well as get Thunder Rosa and Serena Deeb back; Two of the biggest names in Britt Baker and Jamie Hayter are still waiting to return. The Division is crowded enough without Britt & Hayter that acts like Hikaru Shida, Queen Aminata, Nyla Rose, and Red Velvet have been shuffled to Ring Of Honor.

And that’s not to mention Athena & Billie Starkz who carry that entire brand on their backs. And all this is without mentioning the biggest conflict in this roster construction: Megan Bayne. Bayne is every bit as big as Kamille, and because she wrestled in Stardom (where a lot of AEW fans are drawn to), this fanbase already knows she can go.

So what do you do with Kamille?

I’m of two opposing minds:

  1. Kamille is an accomplished championship prize fighter and should be treated as such, therefore you can’t just hide her in the scenery like 2020 Wardlow. She needs to be gunning for a title right away.
  2. NWA Powerrr is well out of most AEW fans’ purview therefore Kamille will immediately be received as an “aura merchant” who probably has 3-4 “Moves Of Doom” anyway. So why not buy yourself some time before putting her in a title program by presenting her as the lumbering monster that fans will “watch improve in front of their eyes” before she gets a belt (even though she’d be a great World Champion on day one)?

I tend towards thinking that Kamille having an 813 day world title run in NWA is at odds with her character being a lumbering stiff. Which is a shame because that’s always such a can’t miss angle for presenting someone new. Maybe there’s a fine line that can be walked. I mentioned Megan Bayne earlier. Kamille’s title reign is an attribute that really sets them apart. Because while I could see, for example, Megan Bayne being a body guard for a heel Mercedes Moné; Kamille in that role would feel like you’ve taken a Queen and reduced her to a Knight. Especially when she already did that role about as good as anyone could when she was the silent bodyguard for Nick Aldis in NWA.

Athena Slayer?

You know that old horror genre trope where a cursed entity is trapped in their station and cannot leave until they trick an unknowing third party into taking their place? Well, that’s a direction I’ve wondered if Tony Khan might take with Kamille. That’s not to throw any shade at Athena. You’ll recall Athena was my 2023 Wrestler Of The Year for her work in Ring Of Honor. But as long as Tony is going to force ROH to be a thing, with fans are already clamouring for Athena to be brought up to AEW, you’d be hard pressed to find anyone more worthy than Kamille of coming in and immediately ending Athena’s historic reign. It would give Kamille all the ring time and reps she needs to show AEW fans that she’s actually a world class wrestler who happens to be a hoss.

And I think there’s an interesting year long storyline angle where Billie Starkz vows revenge for her slain “Minion Overlord” but she keeps coming up short against the bigger, stronger, and just plain better Kamille. There’d be no shortage of fans pointing a finger at Tony Khan making this big signing then putting her on ROH but can you honestly say that NWA to ROH isn’t a step up in 2024? More importantly, I like the idea of ROH recruiting and signing big names and starting to become a separate brand. Kamille is someone who can shoulder that load.

New Title?

It worked with Okada. And it appears that’s the direction they’re going with Will Ospreay. Maybe a Women’s International Title is coming? It’s not my favourite idea, although I am a proponent of adding another women’s championship in AEW and am jotting ideas currently. It doesn’t have to be an AEW sanctioned belt. Maybe it’s from a different company? Don’t forget, the NWA World Women’s Championship has appeared and been defended in AEW before.

Team with Megan Bayne?

Or maybe you go both feet forward with a massive tag team of Megan Bayne & Kamille. Again, not my favourite option especially when AEW doesn’t have women’s tag team or trios belts to speak of. It’s a cool visual but I think both women together aren’t more than the sum of their parts. I’d rather see them built up apart from each other until we get a tease of them clashing at some point.

So those are some preliminary thoughts on Kamille signing with AEW. You can let me know what you think about all this in the comments below. Or hit me up on Twitter at @aew_one. Thanks for reading and, as always, remember to let the women in your life know how much you appreciate them! 🙂

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