Jade Cargill’s Canadian Challenge

This week on Dynamite, my girl, Jade Cargill laid out a challenge to any “whack ass Canadian” who wants to face her in Winnipeg the following week. As someone who is going to this show and will be in the front row(!) I was thrilled to hear Jade Cargill will be a feature on the show. But this isn’t about me. It’s about Jade and who the mystery Canuck will be. So let’s go over some options.

The Bunny

So the most obvious choice is the Canadian woman who’s already on the roster. It’s unknown what Allie’s status is since her match with Jamie Hayter where she appeared to get maybe a facial injury. I’m doubtful about this because technically, even tho many of us love Jade, she is a heel. So I don’t see a heel vs heel match. 

Taya Valkyrie

This seems like a good bet. Taya is a legend. She was #10 on the PWI Top 150 Female in 2022 and has held championships in Impact, AAA, MLW and others. Her husband, John Morrison aka Johnny Elite has had a couple stints in AEW. Taya is the biggest pop AEW could get and would be a big win for Jade. 


When you consider that not only is Rosemary very much “whack” but that she’s also from Winnipeg, she has to be considered a decent bet. She was #66 in the 2022 PWI Top 150 Females and has held championships in Impact. I’ll admit, I’m not super familiar with her work not being an avid Impact viewer.

Jody Threat

For a lot of AEW fans, especially Canadian AEW fans, this might be the favourite. I had no idea who Jody Threat was when she faced Athena on Dark in Toronto but by the end of the match, I had to find out more. She made an impression on me

I’m a big advocate of AEW running back Athena vs Jody Threat but with her bumping ability she’d make Jade look like a billion dollars. She’s not a credible threat to beat Jade but she still rules. 


A Canadian legend with over 25 years of in-ring experience. #46 on the PWI Top 150 Females in 2022 and back in 2014 when it was only the Top 50, she was #5. It would be wonderful to see her get her flowers on a big stage like this. She can still flat out go and like Jody Threat would get a nice POP from Canadian wrestling fans. 

Seleziya Sparx

Admittedly, Seleziya is at the “her opponent already in the ring” level wrestler in AEW but I was very impressed by her in her match against Willow Nightingale in Toronto.

I think she could have a bright future in AEW and she’s even make a good Baddie. So on that outside chance, I put her name in her. 

Gail Kim

She’s retired. But does anyone ever really retire from pro wrestling? This would be a mind blowing debut as she hasn’t wrestled since 2019. Extremely unlikely but as they say in pro wrestling: Never say never. 

So what do you think? Did I leave anyone out? You can let me know in the comments below or hit me up at on Twitter at @aew_one. Thanks for reading and, as always, make sure you let the women in your life know how much you appreciate them.

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